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Quality of Hire vs. Cost-per-Hire

Everyone wants the perfect employee. That elusive individual who both loves what they do and gets along with those they work with. It doesn’t hurt if they also know what they’re doing. But let’s face it, finding that perfect individual isn’t always easy. It takes time, patience and money. Job boards aren’t free, recruiters don’t…

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Where are all the Jobs?

If you believe the National Bureau of Economic Relief, the recession is over. My question is, Where are the jobs? A recession isn’t over until the people are back to work and the economy is stable. Sorry to disappoint all those politicians. Now, don’t get me wrong. Things are definitely moving in the right direction…

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The Benefits of an Outsourced Recruiting Model

Is recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) right for your business? There are many reasons why an organization may turn to an outsourced recruiting team to support staffing needs, either on a temporary or long-term basis. Choosing an outsourced recruiting process for your business oftentimes comes about in response to shortages in your staffing population combined with…

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