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Archive for May 2013

Better Questions for your Talent Acquisition Strategy

Talent Aqusition Stragegy- it’s what every company wants, but many have a hard time defining. You’ve followed our advice on building a talent pool and now you’re on to interviewing. Sometimes during an interview, you’re positive you’ve found it; only to find out after hiring that you didn’t. Other times you think you might be…

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Going Beyond the Basics of LinkedIn for Recruiting Candidates

Does your LinkedIn strategy for recruiting candidates consist of searching target companies and sending one inmail after another? Is your acceptance rate low and depressing? Do your job postings get lost in the now crowded LinkedIn space? Then you are not maximizing the features and benefits of LinkedIn for recruiting candidates! LinkedIn is a fantastic…

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3 Recruiting Secrets When Using Behavioral Interviews

Behavioral interviews are able to get down to the root of how a candidate will react in situations based on past behavior patterns. One of the challenges for behavioral interviews is that recruiters have to really know the company, culture, and role for which they are recruiting. Recruiters are able to take this past information…

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Candidate Care: Why Even Bother?

Ignoring candidate care will seriously impact your company for a long time. Remember the last time you decided to treat yourself to something special at the local department store but came home empty-handed? You waited patiently for a salesperson to assist you, but no one asked if you needed help. So you left the store…

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Are You Choosing IT Recruiters That Don't Know Jack?

If some of the comments weren’t so politically incorrect, online forums that foster exchanges among information technology job seekers would be rife with more of the ugly truths about staffing agencies specialized in IT recruiting and the things that IT recruiters do that annoy candidates and employers. Let’s start with the way IT recruiters handle…

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5 Ways to Reduce Your Cost Per Hire

These days hiring demands are up and budgets are down. Gone are the days when companies threw unlimited resources and money at a competitive market to get quality hires. Today, HR is expected to pull “the best” hires out of thin air in a short period of time with little or no budget. Welcome to…

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