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Archive for November 2013

3 Easy and Effective Employee Engagement Ideas

The 2011 Employee Engagement Report by BlesssingWhite Research show that fewer than 31 percent of employees worldwide are engaged, and 17 percent are actually disengaged at work. Employee engagement ideas mean much more than activities to increase job satisfaction. Measuring satisfaction with benefits, work environment, and compensation is a place to start when analyzing employee…

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7 Reasons to Outsource Recruiting

The global economy has changed, making recruiting and hiring the right candidates a lot more difficult. New economic conditions include global competition, lightning fast changing business conditions, high unemployment, skills shortages, and a war for talent. Finding and hiring the right people in this kind of recruiting environment requires keeping up with new recruiting technology…

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6 Critical Steps in the Recruitment Process

The recruitment process has many moving parts and interlocking pieces, and when they aren’t working properly, the end result will be poor quality hires, lingering turnover problems, and a lower return on investment in recruiting effort and budget. The most effective recruiters today know the critical steps in the recruitment process, how to recognize problems…

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Use RPO Recruitment for Diversity Hiring

With top employees sitting tight because of an uncertain economy and a growing skills gap to hamper workforce development, employers need every competitive advantage possible. Diversity hiring is one competitive advantage that has multiple benefits. Diversity hiring helps companies build a diverse workforce that better connects with diverse customers and develop a work and business…

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5 Recruiting Tips to Rock Your Process

What’s involved in your recruiting process? Requisitions, job posting, screening and selection, and hiring or rejecting candidates? Or is it more innovative and proactive, using the company website careers page and Facebook page, going to on-campus recruiting events and industry events like conventions and exhibitions? Try these five recruiting tips to rock your recruiting process,…

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4 More Innovative Staffing Solutions

If you start recruiting when you get a requisition, you’re behind already. With the lightning pace of the Internet, the changeable nature of modern business and the economy, and workers and candidates with access to career planning and employer information from the comfort and convenience of mobile devices anywhere anytime, recruiters and employers need staffing…

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