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Best Resources for Recruiter Training in 2014

Talent Acquisition professionals charged with recruiter training has a lot of challenges. The economy since 2008 has tightened the labor pool, with experienced, employed people less willing to change jobs and skills shortages leaving businesses short of employees who are able to do the work. The nature of recruiting work is figuring out client specifications,…

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Why Social Recruiting is a Significant Disruptive Force

In “The New Rules of Recruiting,” authors Todd Wheatland and Zachary Misko claim that recruiting has evolved into much more than job posting and interviewing. Recruiters have to behave as the top candidates do to be able to recruit them successfully and they have to move beyond tactical thinking to recruit effectively. That means social…

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Learn from Glen Cathey’s Recruiting Solutions

Recruiting veteran Glen Cathey has a slew of recruiting solutions and tricks up his recruiting magician sleeve. His more than 15 years in recruiting have made him a talent attraction guru with the inside track on engagement and attraction, sourcing, recruiting solutions, and search. His focus is on talent mining, semantic search, Boolean queries, MoneyBall…

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What the Best Sales Recruiters Do Differently

The movies often represent salesmen in a negative light, making a career in sales seem like a shady undertaking. If you’ve seen films like Glengarry Glen Ross, Death of a Salesman, or Jerry Maquire, you may think that a career in sales is a ticket to deception, desperation, and despair. But in “Can They Sell…

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How to Recruit Passive Candidates

The “post and pray” method of sourcing candidates and beginning a recruiting campaign, posting a job online and praying the right candidates apply, isn’t an efficient or effective way to find top talent in an evolving and competitive job market. According to the LinkedIn Research Network, 83 percent of employed professionals classify themselves as not…

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