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Archive for December 2014

Does Culture Fit Matter?

When you need highly successful hiring results, you must understand your company’s culture and how to determine if the candidates you are looking at are a good culture fit. What happens when you hire someone that doesn’t fit with your company’s mission, vision, work environment, current employees, and corporate strategy? The new employee won’t be…

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4 New Apps for Mobile Recruiting

Rapid advancements in technology and social media make using the latest tech tools a key part of mobile recruiting today. If you’re not using an applicant tracking system, don’t have a career page as an integral part of your company website, and aren’t in social media where your candidates are spending their time, you are…

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Get Ready for SourceCon 2015

SourceCon is the recruiter’s conference, the place to go to hear about and see the latest in sourcing strategy, techniques, technologies, and experts. SourceCon 2014 was held in Atlanta, Georgia, sponsored by recruiting industry workhorses including JobVite, HiringSolved, SimplyHired, iCims, and Jibe. There were speakers from companies including PepsiCo, SearchEngineLand, and ADP. The agenda included…

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How Top Employers Use Culture Fit Videos

Company culture is an important factor in recruiting success today. The Recruiting Division has discussed culture fit in posts like “A Beginner’s Guide to Culture Fit” and “Do Your Recruiting Solutions Address Culture Fit?” Your company culture can be a real attraction for candidates or it can be a big liability if it is lacking.…

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Five Surprising Facts About Recruiting

Recruiting today means keeping up with technology, tapping into a sea of passive candidates, building a talent network, developing a great candidate experience, promoting your company culture, and marketing your open positions. No employer or recruiter can afford to sit on the sidelines of social media and mobile technology. Old school just doesn’t cut it…

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HR Recruiting with Social Media

By: Ryan Rhodes – Bisk Education Social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can offer people more opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals in the form of chatrooms, forums, mutual friend lists and company connections. Users can even post résumés online, engage in job market discussions and generate original content to show off…

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