Trends in Human Resources

We utilize our expertise to match talented human resources professionals with hiring managers to fulfill the right roles in companies throughout many industries.

With the toughest competition in the global war on talent in decades, human resources hiring trends and the HR jobs market can mean the difference between effective recruiting practices or a game of catch-up and second place.

We understand that HR positions that manage compensation and benefits are key to helping employers attract candidates to all their open positions.

There’s a strong need for Human Resources professionals with skills and experience with HRIS and compensation and benefits to support employers’ recruiting and retention programs.

The growing adoption of employee engagement programs means that retaining top talent in today's candidate-driven market requires strong HR focus

In-Demand Human Resources Skills

Employers are looking for candidates skilled and experienced in analytics in all fields, and human resources is certainly no exception. Employers need people who can understand and use their business data for business success. People analytics and business data analytics are hot skills because of the rapid rise of big data.

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Trending HR Jobs

The hot jobs in human resources are new titles including Chief Digital Officer and Chief Human Resources Officer, influenced by the availability of and need to understand how to use big data.

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National HR Job Market

According to Randstad’s “2015’s Best Human Resources Jobs and Their Salaries” report, there’s an average ratio of 26 candidates for each of the 52,000 current HR job openings across the country in early 2015. HR salaries run between $64,000 and $81,000. The most active HR candidates are in Southern California, on the East Coast, and in the Northwest.

Randstad finds that the top three most in-demand human resources jobs in the national HR job market are human resources managers, recruiters, and benefits and compensation specialists.

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Human Resources Managers

Career Builder reports that human resources manager positions are relatively easy to fill because the supply of candidates is high compared to the demand. Most active candidates in 2015 are in New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Most open jobs in 2015 are in New York City, Houston, and Chicago. Wanted Analytics reports that top employers looking for human resources managers include Oracle Corporation, Deloitte, Aramark Corporation, Lowe’s, Comcast Corporation, Nestle, Panda Restaurant Group, and Home Depot.

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Career Builder reports that recruiters are challenging to recruit because there are much fewer recruiter candidates than recruiter job openings. Most active recruiter candidates in 2015 are in New York, Chicago, and Dallas/Fort Worth. Most open recruiter jobs in 2015 are in New York, Chicago, and Houston. Top companies looking for recruiting talent in 2015 include J.P. Morgan Chase & Company, Ernst & Young, Amazon, Oracle Corporation, WIS International, Total Quality Logistics, and Centrus Group.

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Benefits and Compensation Specialists

Benefits and compensation specialists are relatively easy to recruit according to Career Builder, with most active candidates in New York City, Chicago, and Houston. Most benefits and compensation specialist jobs are in New York City, Houston, and Los Angeles. Top companies looking for benefits and compensation specialists include NASB, Pacific Dental Services, Inc., Kindred Healthcare, NRG Home Solar, Great West, The Salvation Army, Cameron, and Fresh Direct.

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