Finding the highest quality candidates to fill open positions is a top priority for any company, no matter its size. Any business’s competitive edge lies with its people, and only the best and brightest will do. However, the options for sourcing talent have multiplied in recent years, so where should recruiters focus their time and energy?

This is a tough question–one we can’t answer on our own. We need your help.

Software Advice, a firm that writes reviews and buyers guides for HR software has prepared a short survey, and with your participation, we can help you and other recruiters prepare for the future.

Answer seven-questions–win an iPad Mini! But quick! Survey closes May 3rd!

Such a survey is necessary given how much the recruiting space has changed in recent years. With the advent of social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as Twitter there has been a lot of talk about social recruiting–i.e. utilizing these sites to find candidates. On top of the increased number of social channels available to recruiters–and in part due to their proliferation–employee referrals have also evolved. Now current employees can post vacancies to their own personal social profiles.

The result: the recruiting world is changing rapidly. While sourcing and hiring once resided under the HR department’s exclusive purview, social channels have democratized the entire process. Every employee now has a voice in the recruiting process. While social has undoubtedly allowed recruiters to quickly extend their reach, determining which voices should be heeded, as well as which forums garner the most appropriate candidates for the job, is becoming more difficult.

In order for recruiters to successfully navigate this evolving landscape, they need to know where to focus their efforts. Are job boards still the best source for high quality candidates? Or is a company’s career page the key to finding the best applicants? Should recruiters focus more time and energy scouring through profiles on LinkedIn Facebook? There are so many questions recruiters must now ask themselves if they are to stay on top of their game.

To prepare HR departments and recruiting agencies for a future that–undoubtedly–will be affected even more by technological innovation, we’ve created this survey to help determine which recruiting channels deliver the biggest return on investment. We hope the results will provide employers with a clearer picture of the recruiting landscape as it currently stands –and where it’s headed.


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