3 Effective Recruitment Strategies for 2013

Employers and recruiters use various recruitment strategies to meet recruiting goals. To attract and hire the best requires the latest recruiting methods and technologies to target specific aspects of recruiting, such as sourcing, engaging, hiring, and pipelining or building a talent community. Although recruitment is commonly the responsibility of human resources professionals, it also falls to staffing agencies, hiring managers, and company principals such as directors, CEOs, and VPs. Any of these professionals tasked with recruiting will need effective recruitment strategies such as referrals, social recruiting, and creative recruiting.

Referral Recruitment Strategies

Research shows that employee referrals are the number one source in hiring volume and new hire quality. Dr. John Sullivan and associates research from 2008 to 2011 shows referrals are hired at a rate of one out of three applications at top-performing firms. Numbers like those mean recruiters and employers just can’t ignore employee referrals as a source of candidates and quality hires. Referral recruitment strategies must make employee referrals easy, rewarding, and effective.

Reward Referrers

Effective referral programs include recognition and rewards to encourage and motivate people to send you top candidates. And don’t just grant rewards for successful hires – also consider offering small rewards merely for the act of providing referrals. In terms of the type of reward, studies show that cash is king as a reward motivator. Be sure to also reward outside sources for qualified referrals, including customers, vendors, and industry associates.

Publicize Referral Incentives

Publicizing your referral incentives makes sure everyone knows that you want referrals and you are willing to recognize and reward people who refer top candidates for your openings. Put your referral incentives on your company career page, on your social media such as Facebook, in blogs, newsletters, and marketing campaigns.

Automate or Socialize Your Referral Process

Automating or socializing your employee referral process makes sure that it’s an ongoing, standardized process. While manual employee referral processes may work for small recruiting initiatives, an automated process with a service such as Jobvite that automates and socializes your requests and rewards for referrals enables you to embed the referral process in your recruitment strategies and keep a consistent administration of referral promotions and tracking.

Social Recruitment Strategies

Well-managed social recruitment strategies allow recruiters and employers to attract, engage, and hire the best qualified candidates with less expense and farther reach than traditional recruiting methods.

Use a Consistent Brand

Use a consistent brand across all the social media channels you use that includes your corporate culture and your employer brand. Use an editorial calendar or social media implementation schedule so marketing and recruiting staff can coordinate efforts and work toward a consistent image.

Schedule a Call

Identify Social Network Activities

Observe and identify activities across your social networks. Candidate responses, comments, questions, and other interactions can be clues to where to focus social media recruitment efforts.

Engage Top Candidates

Once your brand is in place and you’ve identified where your social networks are most active, engage the best candidates with valuable content such as blog posts, videos, webinars, and incentives.

Creative Recruitment Strategies

Don’t neglect creative recruitment strategies when you need to attract and engage top candidates.

  • Self-selection strategies include inviting applicants to open group events such as open houses
  • Wooing your dream candidates with creative recruitment strategies such as sending personalized iPods or tablets with an introduction and invitation to the company from top managers or the CEO gives an edge over competing companies and shows you’re willing to make extra effort to win top talent.
  • Group interaction events let recruiters and employers see how applicants interact with recruiting and hiring staff and employees.
  • Forget job fairs and opt instead to look for talent at non-recruiting events such as meetups where candidates in your industry will be, conferences, and exhibitor fairs.
  • Go paperless and replace paper job descriptions with vivid videos describing your openings or podcasts and webinars about what it’s like to work at your company.

Effective recruitment strategies include a range of targets and methods to go where the top candidates are and reach out to them in new ways. They require a defined plan for referrals, social media recruiting, and creative recruitment strategies for the best hiring results.

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