What is RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)?

Basically, it’s hiring a partial or full team of sourcers, recruiters and all of their resources to act as your own Talent Acquisition team. It could be one supplemental recruiter or a whole team. You get to design it the way you would design your own dream team if you had an unlimited budget.

You should consider RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) for your Talent Acquisition Strategy when either:

A. You have an aggressive hiring ramp and yet, you can’t seem to get traction on the many heads you need to hire.

B. You are a small company with a small team and now the powers-that-be want you to hire seventy five people in two months.

C. You have a recruiter but no budget for fancy tools such as LinkedIn, Monster or an ATS and your one recruiter is slammed. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? Then perhaps it’s time to consider Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO.

Contingency and retained recruiters have their place in one’s Talent Acquisition strategy. However, you only get candidates for one position at a time AND it’s expensive when you have a lot of hires to make.

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In Recruitment Process Outsourcing, you get recruiters that do full cycle recruiting for you for a fraction of the cost. Consider all of the resources that you need to run a Talent Acquisition team…recruiters, sourcers, administrative support, access to job boards, an applicant tracking system, plus many additional overhead items. RPO has all of this already set up and ready to rock when you need it. It’s like going into a candy store and getting everything you want for one price.

On-Demand RPO (also called Limited RPO, Partial RPO, Sourcing RPO, or Project RPO) is a great option when you have specific hiring projects. Say your company is moving your accounting function from one city to another and you need to hire fifty people quickly. Instead of gathering a bunch of resources, you engage an on-demand RPO to jump in and get the job done.

Another time to consider recruitment process outsourcing is when your company is bouncing back from a tough time (or even the dreaded lay off). Human Resources departments are often hit hard during tough times and resources are at an all time low. It’s often at this time when it’s decided that the company should begin hiring full force again, perhaps with a different overall company strategy in mind. It seems that management doesn’t want to spend money to hire a whole team of contract recruiters to get the job done, so RPO is a great model to use in this situation.

In summary, it may be time to consider recruitment process outsourcing to supplement your current hiring needs, or when you have projects and need a team on-demand, or when you don’t have a big budget for all the infrastructure or when your company is bouncing back from tough times. RPO can take the headache out of your hiring and help you shine!

What has been your experience with RPO? Please share below!

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