Employers may have an advantage in a tough economy when they have a surplus of qualified candidates. But internal recruiting staff such as HR departments and hiring managers may not realistically be able to fill key positions because of overlapping human resources and management responsibilities. Many small employers have only one or two people in HR who are focused on core human resources responsibilities and may get overwhelmed when there’s a recruiting push. That’s where top recruiting firms can help.

There are many things that top recruiting firms can help HR departments with, but these three can really make a difference in employer recruiting efficiencies and return on investment:

1. Top recruiting firms Help HR Focus Recruiting Efforts

Top recruiting firms can help HR staff focus recruiting efforts, handling the bulk of the time-consuming recruiting activities more quickly and efficiently and delivering screened candidates ready for selection. They give a focus to recruiting that small HR departments may not have the time for, since they spend the majority of their time on focused recruiting activities. They identify and engage the candidates needed to fill open positions, presenting them to HR and hiring managers after verifying qualifications, interviewing, and vetting top candidates.

Their reach is much wider than the typical small HR department because they have rich pipelines of candidates they find through a variety of recruiting methods including social recruiting, applicant tracking systems, and full-time use of LinkedIn recruiting resources. When small companies with limited HR staff need to hire more than a few employees at a time, top recruiting firms can handle the search and hire process from start to finish or handle parts of the process that HR personnel may not be able to do, such as sourcing and screening.

2. Top recruiting firms Know Recruiting Trends

HR professionals and internal recruiting staff are steeped in human resources management and employment laws and compliance, with recruiting taking a second or third seat to the daily crush of HR issues. They may not have the time to stay up to date on recruiting industry trends that cut time and activity out of the recruiting process.

Top recruiting firms know the latest recruiting trends, learning them from recruiting industry publications, associations, conferences, and continuous improvement efforts in their specialty — recruiting. They are subject matter experts in areas such as advanced Boolean search, social recruiting tools and methods, recruiting metrics, recruiting return on investment, passive candidate sourcing and recruiting, video recruiting, talent communities, the newest assessment services, candidate experience, and other developing recruiting issues and trends. They bring this in-depth recruiting knowledge to the recruitment process, adding value for busy HR departments.

3. Top recruiting firms Save Time for HR

A common issue for HR recruiters is too many resumes to screen and sort, the result of posting on Monster.com or other job boards that produce a huge response. They don’t have time for ongoing candidate engagement or a proactive recruiting process and most often have to operate from a reactive process of trying to fill openings as they come available, adding time to the recruiting process and costing them candidates.

Recruiting professionals with top recruiting firms can save time for HR because they know how to find candidates through social profiles, professional activity in forums and other online venues that HR departments at smaller companies can’t focus on. They also use the latest recruiting software tools and know how to participate in the communities with the types of candidates needed, getting to know them and recruit them versus spending a lot of time processing incoming applicants.

Speed, candidate reach, efficiency. When small and mid-size companies are under the gun with HR and recruiting, the value-added recruiting services that top recruiting firms provide can be a business-saver.


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