Technology is constantly evolving both inside and outside the workplace. This evolution means that if you’re planning to update your recruitment strategy, you need to stay on top of all the latest tech that companies are using to hire employees. Learn all about three of the biggest tech trends in 2019 and how we at ContractRecruiter can help you use them to your professional advantage.

1. Social Media

Social media has been booming for over a decade now thanks to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and GitHub. But there’s little question that it’s become a mainstream tool, not only for regular users but also for companies everywhere. Many applicant tracking systems, such as iCims and Greenhouse, now have the ability to pull candidates information straight from their social media profiles to enrich their applications.

Employers too can benefit from leveraging social media to cultivate their brand voice and identity. Not just for sales, employee branding can be a powerful strategy to drive recruitment efforts, especially for reaching passive candidates. Monitoring social media platforms for brand and product mentions can help you tap into the conversation happening around your business. Recruiters can use tools like Hootsuite or Sprout Social to understand general impressions and opinions of a company and use it to inform both their branding and recruiting strategies.

2. Collection and Use of Data

We live in a digital age, and that means we release more of our information into data storage now than ever before. In general, data is being used in wider functions across the industry as a whole. Data analytics tools are used to predict hiring trends for better planning, to analyze trends about traits of successful current employees, and to make all parts of the hiring process more efficient. Employers are using tools to combine data from resumes, social media profiles, assessments, work performance, and other databases to create a more robust picture of a candidate.

With the rapidly increasing number of data points that can be collected about a candidate, the need for automation has also increased. Software companies are using AI to help analyze and process recruiting information. For example, Ideal uses data from a company’s existing ATS system to analyze candidate data to screen and create a shortlist of qualified candidates.

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3. Mobile-Friendly Recruiting

People shop, surf the web and sometimes even work on their phones. Mobile devices are a huge part of our culture today, and they continue to grow as the younger generation emerges. Many websites now use apps and make their websites more mobile-friendly to encourage people to look for jobs on their phones.

Apps like Wonolo uses an on-demand model similar to popular ride-sharing apps like Uber, to connect employers with same-day or hourly jobs that are in their area. Jobr uses a swipe function popular with dating apps to connect HR professionals with the right candidate. All of these apps build an experiences that unique to mobile devices to ensure contact with potential candidates and maintain a smooth experience throughout the recruiting process.

Start Using Tech Trends to Recruit

Are you ready to start taking advantage of today’s tech trends to seek out new candidates for hard-to-fill positions? At ContractRecruiter, using a deep stack of technology tools along with years of experience to help our clients with their recruitment needs.

Staying current as the world of digital information develops will allow you to help your company and its employees grow and evolve. Contact us to learn more about how we can use tech to help you recruit candidates!


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