Internet-Search-5437023-resized-600Advanced Boolean search strings targeting candidates with particular skill sets and locations are the standard no-cost way for IT recruiters to source candidates. This handy candidate sourcing technique fetches resumes and other sources of candidate information, but you have to be skilled in advanced Internet search and you have to do a lot of other leg work to save, sort, and enter those resumes into your database or applicant tracking system to use them effectively. With the advances in technology and Internet use, social media, and a talent shortage, sourcing candidates manually is no longer a competitive recruiting method. If you and your fellow IT recruiters need more candidates than you’re getting with this kind of search, it’s time to break out the candidate sourcing tools.


How do you determine if the developer candidates you talk to have the skills hiring managers need? Do you get enough information from the hiring managers to know if the candidates will pass a technical interview? Can you tell what quality of code they write?

Gild is a candidate sourcing tool that enables IT recruiters to identify the best developers evaluated for their code and social media participation. The information on developer candidates is available in Gild’s database of more than 6 million developers worldwide, which has candidates scored by their skill level so their evaluated experience is easily available for IT recruiters to search, as well as developer profile rankings comparing them to all other developers in Gild’s database.

If searching for developers and trying to verify candidate skills is a big part of your recruiting work week, and you’ve had problems with candidates you thought could write the code your clients wanted, Gild eliminates a lot of guesswork.

TalentBin and HiringSolved

If finding passionate, engaged IT candidates is your pain point, TalentBin and HiringSolved are two great tools to consider, as they quickly and easily reveal exactly those types of candidates with a comprehensive search function. Both TalentBin and HiringSolved compile rich candidate profiles from candidate activity across the web and social media so IT recruiters see skills, abilities, passions, and creativity at a glance rather than after hours (or days) of search and communications. They also provide contact information on candidates as well, another time saver for IT recruiters in the sourcing stage.


TalentHook offers several advanced and automated sourcing and recruiting process solutions for busy IT recruiters who are interested in cutting some serious time out of their recruiting processes and get closer to the best candidates faster and easier than many other automated recruiting tools.

• The TalentHook Internet search feature in TalentHook Cloud uses spider search technology to scour free and pay job boards, the open web, colleges, flip search and social networks with one tool. It allows recruiters to set up and store automated search agents, eliminates resume duplicates, and offers advanced search techniques to find hidden and obscure resume content.

• TalentHook Cloud enables IT recruiters to easily set up effective and ongoing email contacts and campaigns when prospective candidates are identified with automated processes, templates, reminders, and other effective email features.

• TalentHook’s candidate management features include prospect candidate generation tools such as stored search strings, automated custom search agents, and smart resume filtering to eliminate manual search and duplications. Candidate marketing tools like drip email marketing campaigns to encourage candidates to call and drive prospects to your company website eliminate cold calls, voice mail tag, and losing candidates to competitors.

Candidate sourcing tools like Gild, TalentBin, HiringSolved, and TalentHook enable IT recruiters to find hidden candidates they either wouldn’t know about or would have to take a lot of time and resources to find. For IT recruiters to be able to compete in a challenging job market, uncover the top candidates, verify skills and experience, and engage candidates, they need a way to source candidates faster and more efficiently.


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