4 New Apps for Mobile Recruiting


Rapid advancements in technology and social media make using the latest tech tools a key part of mobile recruiting today. If you’re not using an applicant tracking system, don’t have a career page as an integral part of your company website, and aren’t in social media where your candidates are spending their time, you are not an effective recruiter and you will not get near the candidates you need.

The Recruiting Division looked at how Claire Schooley of Forrester Research discussed these issues with Hirevue in our post “How to Avoid Candidate Analysis Paralysis.” Schooley advises employers and recruiters to embrace the paradigm shift going on in recruiting because of social media and mobile technology and fully participate in new recruiting avenues and practices. Recruiters can’t rely on old-school tactics and techniques anymore. Mobile recruiting is a key part of recruiting today.

Why Use Mobile Recruiting?

The Pew Internet Project reports that at the beginning of 2014, 90 percent of American adults have a cell phone and more than half of them have a smart phone. They use their mobile phones to check voice, text, and email messages, go online, listen to music, and get directions and other information. This is where the candidates are spending their time and if you’re not recruiting on mobile, you’re not accessing the vast majority of the candidates.

SmashFly lists the benefits of mobile recruiting to include improved candidate experience when applicants can easily find and apply for openings, the ability to build a strong talent network at events with a mobile career site and mobile forms, and access to candidates on their devices rather than playing phone tag or having to schedule desk time.

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Apps Are the Next Tools for Recruiting

Recruiting has gone through several waves of technology adoption since the 90s, including job boards, LinkedIn, applicant tracking systems, and employee referral programs. Add more recent video interviewing, company culture, candidate experience, social recruiting, and using big data for candidate sourcing. To keep up with these different and evolving technology and technique trends and practices, employers and recruiters need to use every tool available to them.

Apps are the tools to use to get there faster, find more qualified candidates, and cut through the recruiting process straight to the results you’re looking for. Consider these apps for your mobile recruiting:

  • Instajob lets you turn iPhone photos of your company, employees, managers, and business operations into instant job ads that are as compelling as any viral Facebook photos or YouTube videos. The Instajob app turns your photos into advertising to promote your career site and job openings. You get targeted traffic, employment branding, and social engagement by using photos and social media with this app.
  • Talent Xray lets you use Boolean search right from your phone when you’re not in the office. Out at a recruiting conference and just got a new employee requisition with a rush order on it? With Talent Xray you don’t have to wait until you get back to the office to start that new recruiting campaign. You can start sourcing as soon as you get the job specifications.
  • The Ladders Recruiting App lets users manage their jobs quickly and easily, and even more quickly access matching candidate profiles and contact information. Simple uploads, quick swiping, easy organization tools all from a mobile device make this app extremely efficient for recruiters who are not at their desktop computers most of the day but still need to stay highly productive.
  • The LinkedIn Recruiter mobile app enables those with paid LinkedIn Recruiter seats to easily access the candidates they follow, get updates on their activity, view mobile-optimized profiles, stay organized with project files, and easily message candidates. Search candidates and work with hiring managers by sharing candidate profiles during recruiting campaigns.


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