What’s involved in your recruiting process? Requisitions, job posting, screening and selection, and hiring or rejecting candidates? Or is it more innovative and proactive, using the company website careers page and Facebook page, going to on-campus recruiting events and industry events like conventions and exhibitions? Try these five recruiting tips to rock your recruiting process, get competitive, and get the top candidates you want and your company needs.

Rock the Referrals

One of my most emphatic recruiting tips is to rock the employee referrals. If you’re not asking for referrals, you’re missing out on the number one source for new hire quality, according to Staffing.org, and the number one source of fastest time-to-fill candidates. Employee Referral hires cost less, stay longer, and are more productive than other types of hires. You don’t need a fancy, formal employee referral program (although it is nice and a lot of ATS products have an employee referral program component) to get referrals.

  • Make it a habit to always ask for a referral in every interaction.
  • Let people know what openings you have and discuss what your timelines are and what kind of candidates you are looking for.
  • Follow up on every referral with a personal thank you to the referrer and a quality contact with the candidate being referred. And then ask that candidate for a referral.
  • Include a request for a referral at the end of every email you send.
  • Make it a goal to have 50 percent of your hires come from referrals and then make it happen.

Be More Social

No list of recruiting tips would be complete without mentioning social recruiting. “The New Rules of Recruiting” authors Todd Wheatland and Zachary Misko describe social media as a powerful recruiting tool. Social media provides ease of accessibility to candidates, economies of scale, and an extended reach to candidates you’d never even know about without Facebook, LinkedIn, online forums, and other types of social media.

Many HRIS and ATS products integrate with social media, allowing users to bump job postings out through social media and link their company social media accounts directly to candidates through the online application process.

Candidates spend a lot of time in social media, and so do your competitors. If you’re not there, you’re not getting to know what candidates are participating or what their interests and strengths are, and you’re losing a chance to engage candidates and interest them in your company and your openings.

Leave the Desk Behind

One of the most important recruiting tips to put into action: get away from your desk. It’s difficult to leave the desk, phone, and computer when there’s email, voicemail, video conferencing, instant messaging, chat programs, and texting to keep you there. But there’s no substitution for old school recruiting techniques like looking someone in the eye, saying “Hi,” and extending your arm for a handshake.

Get out to conferences, meetups, and industry events. Host a seminar, workshop, think tank, or other event and invite the types of candidates you want to meet.

Go out to local organizations such as colleges and universities, high schools, chambers of commerce, community centers, and meet people, talking about your openings, asking for referrals, and promoting your recruiting process.

If it’s difficult to get away from the office, start scheduling time in your work week to go out. Organize your outings with out-of-office messages in email and voicemail and plan to go with someone when possible.

Treat Every Opening As Urgent

With social recruiting, advanced recruiting technology, and a challenging economy, recruiters who lag are going to lose. Treat every opening as if it’s urgent and tighten your timelines for hiring. Look at your process and cut inefficiencies and delays. Look at every job opening as if your career depends on filling it in a short time and use as much recruiting technology as you have available to streamline your processes and get results.

Become an Engagement Guru

Do everything you can to attract, engage, and entertain the candidates you want and need. Add candidate engagement to your recruiting process with videos, images, and valuable content. Use case studies and storytelling, stay connected to your talent pool with newsletters or talking points, and start talent communities in Google+. Don’t let all your sourcing go to waste by not staying connected to the candidates you work hard to find.

Use these key recruiting tips to rock your recruiting process, shake it up, and make it into the strategic tool you need to make quality hires, create candidate engagement, and get a competitive advantage. Instead of a flat process, make your recruiting rock and roll.

Have you experienced success with these types of recruiting tips? Or do you have your own favorite set of recruiting tips? Please share your stories with us!


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