Looking for ways to ramp up your recruiting efforts, find highly qualified candidates, and produce better results? Recruiting with LinkedIn should be your next plan of action as you venture into social tools. This robust social network was designed with recruiting in mind, putting thousands of skilled professionals from multiple industries within your reach.

There are several reasons why LinkedIn is rated the number one social network by recruiters worldwide.

1. It’s simple to start an account, navigate and utilize the recruiting tools including online job boards.

2. There is a wide network of other professional recruiters to learn new tricks and tips from.

3. It easily integrates with other forms of online recruiting efforts and even career portals.

To get started with using LinkedIn for your recruiting efforts, first take the time to create an appealing online account using their profile builder. Include a professional picture, contact information, and your areas of recruiting specialty. Then read on to learn some great tips for recruiting with LinkedIn.

Tip #1 – Expand your LinkedIn Networks

Social media experts will swear that you need a ton of followers in order to be successful with online social networks. But with social recruiting, the quality of your contacts means more than the quantity. Choose people who are in your industry, actively engaged in their networks, and have the connections you need to find better candidates.

Tip #2 – Use LinkedIn Recruiting Tools

LinkedIn offers many ways to recruit online. Take advantage of low cost online job advertising, the LinkedIn recruiting links, and group message boards for ways to attract the kinds of candidates you are looking for. You can also broadcast new job leads out on your own message center, and ask others to share this along their social networks.

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Tip #3 – Direct Candidates to LinkedIn Profile

Many recruiters are steering away from their other social networks and focusing their time on LinkedIn primarily as an ongoing source of excellent candidates. Therefore, in all your job advertisements and communications, direct potential candidates to your LinkedIn profile by sharing your link or username.

Tip #4 – Share Information and Content

To increase your networking ability without becoming overly sales-pitched, take the time to share some insight with others in the form of articles, blog posts, and even social media posts published to your profile and to your industry groups. You never know who you may impact in a positive way.

Tip #5 – Get Connected with Professionals

Take the time to get to know your fellow recruiters and learn from those who are advanced in their fields by connecting with your peers in LinkedIn groups. Oftentimes, seasoned recruiters are willing to share their tricks of the trade, send referrals, and help those new to the exciting world of social recruiting.

The world of social recruiting will continue to expand as LinkedIn continues to influence people worldwide who are looking for great career opportunities. Make sure you are on board and ready to take advantage of this valuable resource.


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