7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Outsource Recruitment

Outsourcing recruitment could save your business valuable time and resources. Find out seven reasons why your business should outsource recruitment here.

In April, the U.S. unemployment rate dropped to 3.6%; the lowest figure since 1969. With more people finding their dream jobs, it's difficult to find the right talent for your team.

How do you make sure you're finding the right people?

Not to mention, the hiring process can become time-consuming. If you're looking for an employee with specific skills, the process could take months.

Instead of spending valuable time and resources searching, recruitment outsourcing can streamline the process. You don't have to take on the search alone! Keep reading to discover the seven benefits of choosing to outsource recruitment.

1. Save Time and Money

Every second you spend searching for talent on your own is time you're not spending on other high priority tasks or projects.

If a specific position has a high turnover rate, you may wind up wasting valuable time and energy by continuing to go back to the drawing board. This could keep you from helping the company fill other essential positions.

Recruitment activities such as advertising online, background screening, recruiting technology, and tracking systems are also costly.

These costs can add up over time. If you outsource recruitment, you won't have to worry about these additional costs. Instead, these items are usually included as part of their services.

Additionally, when you outsource staffing, you can reduce your company's cost-per-hire.

The outsource recruiting company can help you streamline the recruiting process. By sharing the responsibility, you can eliminate delays and make the most of your time. You can even specify which recruiting activities you want to hire them for.

This allows you to take control of your recruitment expenses. By deducting recruitment costs in-house, you can spend more money on other HR projects.

By outsourcing recruiting, you only pay for what you need!

2. You Don't Have a Strategy

Having a recruiting strategy in place can also keep you organized and on track. Without a solid recruiting strategy in place, you could be wasting valuable time and money.

Choosing to outsource recruitment, on the other hand, can help you discover the most efficient recruiting process. This will help you eliminate costly, repetitive tasks and reduce delays. If you have a larger internal HR team, you can delegate specific tasks and let the outsource staffing company handle the rest.

The outsourced recruitment company has already developed the most efficient strategy possible.

They can help lead your team and develop a smarter recruitment process, saving you time and money in the long-run.

3. You're Hiring for a Specialized Role

Approximately 72% of CEOs surveyed are concerned about the availability of key skills when looking for talent.

Some positions are more difficult to fill than others, especially when you're searching for a specific skillset. Trying to find talent for these positions can lead you to waste valuable time and money.

If you're trying to hire for a specialized role, outsourcing your recruiting can help. The outsource HR company can help point you in the right direction. They have systems in place to find candidates with the high-level skillset you're looking for.

Their systems can also make it easier for you to narrow down the options.

Whether you're searching for someone with experience in information technology, industrial designs, or somewhere in between, their programs can generate a list of candidates. Their extensive database could prove invaluable in helping you find the people you're looking for.

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4. Improve Effectiveness

In some cases, it's a challenge to find the qualified candidates you need. You might also feel like your current recruiting process isn't as effective as you hoped.

The job market's current competitive environment and ongoing skills shortages make this difficult as well.

When you urgently need to fill a position, this lack of effectiveness is even more apparent. You'll get so busy trying to fill specific positions that you won't have time to improve your current in-house recruitment process.

Choosing to outsource recruiting can put that time back into your schedule.

A recruiting firm will have the ability to reach more candidates and streamline your current process. By helping you reach candidates you otherwise wouldn't be able to, you can improve your current process and discover more effective ways to recruit talent.

5. Reduce Turnover Rates

A high turnover rate comes with a number of consequences. These can include interruptions to your team's productivity, lower customer service, lower employee engagement, and of course, cost.

Higher turnover rates could impact the company as a whole.

To address this high turnover rate, it's important to find ways to engage better-qualified candidates.

Outsourcing your recruiting needs can help. With a stronger recruiting process and a team of experienced recruiters, you can find the right talent the first time around.

You need to hire high-quality candidates, vet them thoroughly, and make sure they match the company culture.

While ongoing high turnover rates can strain your resources, outsource staffing can help you cut costs and reduce these turnover rates altogether.

6. Experience Rapid Growth

When you find the right talent, you can set your company up for long-term success.

However, experiencing rapid growth or a seasonal spike can make it difficult for you to fill in the gaps. These fluctuations can impact the entire company.

Seasonal recruiting can also put a strain on your in-house HR team. Trying to juggle the expansion strain can leave your team feeling stressed. Are you able to keep up with the demands caused by this sudden growth?

Choosing to outsource recruitment can help you keep up. They can help take over the recruiting process with a dedicated staff of experienced recruiters. That way, your team can focus on other responsibilities and keep everything moving forward.

7. Competitive Advantage

When your competitors find the best talent in the business, they're able to get a step ahead. Smaller companies might also not have the same resources larger competitors have in-house.

Hiring a recruitment company can help you keep up with the competition. Ready to get started? Contact us today to schedule an appointment and start outsourcing your recruiting!

Time for Talent: 7 Reasons Your Business Should Outsource Recruitment

Develop the team you need to succeed! By choosing to outsource recruitment, you can set your company up for long-term success.

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