ROI is just one benefit a virtual recruiter brings to your business.

In this rapidly changing business climate, the ability to hire top quality candidates can be a major challenge for talent acquisition professionals. This is due to shortages in certain specialist fields, such as IT, and the never-ending barrage of underqualified candidates. A good virtual recruiter will solve this problem.

Virtual RecruiterThen there are the cost, responsibility and time factors. It has been estimated that it can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months to find a great candidate. This uses up valuable human resource department time trying to manage job advertisements, screening, interviews, background checks, and onboarding – creating a large number of duties for each open assignment. Have you considered using a Virtual Recruiter as part of your talent acquisition strategy?

How Virtual Recruiters Boost Your Bottom Line

The smart talent acquisition manager understands how mission critical it is to hire the best candidates, but in a more manageable way through the use of a virtual contract recruiter. Let’s look at some of the ways your business can benefit from working with a virtual recruitment firm.

A virtual recruiter, whether alone or as part of a virtual recruiting group, can tap into a larger network of resources. Very often, this approach can improve return on investment (ROI) because less time is spent by the company at the beginning, and all efforts are instead spent on increasing revenues as a result of a perfect candidate fit.

Additionally, a virtual contract recruiter generally has certain areas of specialty, including understanding the qualities and skills your industry needs to be successful. This saves you the annoyance and time of having to explain repeatedly what you are looking for and why. The virtual contract recruiter is already well-versed about your industry and your business from the start, making this a more pleasant experience than another outsourced recruitment strategy.

When virtual recruiters work together in teams, which they often do, this also improves ROI. Imagine having to pay an entire team of recruiters a separate salary? A virtual recruiter team gives you more bang for your buck, allowing you access to a broad range of recruitment skills and efforts in one simple partnership.

Virtual recruiters can augment your current HR department seamlessly. So this means no awkward sending candidates back and forth from a temporary staffing agency and then to your company. A virtual recruiter works either remotely or on-site to provide you with simple, seamless support and taking care of all the details.

Working with virtual contract recruiters also results in a better fit for your unique corporate culture and values. The virtual recruiter presents only the most closely matched candidates for your specific business needs, so you can focus on growth. Each candidate is carefully screened using a customized process to ensure your satisfaction.

As for cost factors, team-based virtual recruiting is one of the most affordable options available to businesses. There are no long-term contracts to sign, no hidden fees, and no overhead costs associated with using a professional virtual contract recruiter. This helps to improve your bottom line with each new hire.

The most important benefit of working with a team-based virtual recruiter is that you don’t have to worry about expensive employment lawsuits that often stem from a poor hiring decision. A virtual recruiter screens all candidates to provide you with a trustworthy candidate you can develop into a future leader. This takes EEOC violations out of your hands.

Working with a virtual contract recruiter may seem like a new prospect to you, but in all reality, it is one of the best ways to improve your return on investment. Consider the advantage your business will have when you with incorporate team-based virtual recruitment into your talent acquisition strategy.


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