Spend Less Time and Money Finding the Right Candidates

Hiring Costs, Recruiting, Job CandidatesHiring can be a delicate balance between wanting to wait out a certain length of time for just the right person and filling the vacancy as quickly as possible. But the former can cost your company a lot of dollars—both in terms of what you spend for the hiring process and the money you lose not having the right talent to do the most efficient job. And the latter could lead to a situation wherein no one, not you, the worker or the customer, is happy. So how do you reach a balance between the two? Here are eight ways to hire faster without sacrificing candidate quality.

1.) Know What the Position Will Be

Before you even publish a job advertisement, make sure everyone in the company knows what the position entails. If a candidate accepts the position thinking it involves one thing but there’s an entire set of duties they didn’t know about (and aren’t qualified to fulfill), you may have to set out that job ad once again.

2.) Let Recruiters Know What You’re Looking For

You need to cut down on time wasted in the hiring search by telling recruiters the exact qualities you need in the candidate. You can’t simply say “Find me a good one.” What does it mean for a person to be “good?” Explain what you want to your recruiter clearly and thoroughly. If you don’t, they may bring forth candidates who are not well-qualified for the position, people you’ll waste time and money interviewing while the vital position still goes unfilled.

3.) Review Applications in Blocks, Instead of Small Chunks

With so many applications landing in your inbox, you may feel tempted to just deal with them in increments—spend a few minutes looking at a few one day, then another few minutes looking at more the next. Even though you feel inclined to do this, try reviewing your applications in bulk instead of just splitting time between small chunks of them. This could be a great boon in reducing your search time, and keeping your perspective fresh between resumes.

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4.) Interview Multiple Candidates on the Same Day

Invite a group of candidates to the office for first-round interviews. Not only will this save you time, but it will also let you get a close look at how each candidate behaves in a group setting. Likewise, once you’ve narrowed down your choices a little bit, try to arrange for individual interviews that occur on the same day. That way, you don’t have to wait weeks to make a decision; instead, the process will only take a few days.

5.) Consider the Intern

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Here’s a tip that really saves you time and money: Why not hire that intern who’s been working with you for three months? They already know the way the company works, so there will be no adjustment period, as there would be with an outside hire. Plus, you get to save all the money that you would have spent on job advertisements and other recruiting efforts. When it comes down to it, taking the fruit that is ripe and ready on the vine is just good business sense.

6.) Conduct Phone Interviews with Care

If phone interviews are on your agenda, arrange your questions by their importance. If a candidate gives an answer that raises a red flag, you can end the interview and move on to a different job-seeker.

7.) Don’t Delay

While choosing the next person to welcome into your office is not easy, it’s better to make the decision quickly. If you prolong the decision process too much, then all the candidates may blur together, leaving you mired in confusion. It’s best to do all of your deliberating as quickly as possible, then pick a candidate and move on.

8.) Give Candidates a Skills Test

Some candidates talk big, but you need to see them prove their words, too. Give them a skills test so that you can evaluate their abilities. If you’re hiring for a copywriting position, for example, administer a writing test. If you’re hiring for a programming position, present the candidate with a buggy program and see how they fix it. Does their performance live up to what’s listed on their resume?

Hiring can be an easier process if you approach it in the right way. Streamline your hiring methods, and you may find that it takes much less effort to find the perfect candidate than you thought.


Image Credit: freedigitalphotos.com/Avarind Balaraman

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