Google Hangouts is a versatile new tool that recruiters are eagerly incorporating into their staffing solutions.

Part of Google+, Google Hangouts works well for an almost limitless variety of staffing solutions, like sourcing interns on campus, interviewing top candidates, and enhancing employer brand with information sessions for candidates to introduce the work and company culture. It is a highly effective way to reach busy clients and elusive candidates easily and cost effectively. Job and intern seekers are using it to create job search clubs, and to connect with employees and recruiters to explore companies and career options.
What staffing solutions will you explore with Google Hangouts?

Hangouts to Highlight Job Openings

Hold monthly hangouts highlighting your job openings and invite hiring managers to come and discuss the work and company culture. Focus on one job or multiple jobs, but having a regular monthly hangout for openings you are recruiting for, coordinated with people from the companies with the openings, will attract active and passive job seekers and students looking for internships. Get even more return on your staffing solutions investment by posting the recorded Hangout to your (or the employer’s) blog, website, or social media platforms for viewing.

Hangout On-Campus (without the travel expense)

If you recruit for new graduates and college interns, you can use Google Hangouts to go on-campus without spending a dime on travel and accommodations. Get face time with top students from colleges with the programs for the positions you are filling. Contact advisors and professors in academic programs related to the positions and companies you are recruiting for and ask about speaking to students through Hangouts. Offer to discuss the positions, the employers, and the work expected of new hires. If the company with the opening has any alumni on staff, ask them to join the Hangout and discuss the company culture and why they chose to work there.

Hangouts for Interviews

Use Google Hangouts for screening interviews and pre-interviews to save time and money in the selection process. Invite candidates to discuss their skills and experience and invite the hiring manager and several key personnel at the company with the opening to discuss the work and the culture. Use Hangouts to conference with candidates sourced from LinkedIn, Facebook, forums, and other areas. Private Hangouts with the recruiter and the candidate, the hiring manager and the candidate, or an interview panel and the candidate are just some of the ways to use Google Hangouts for video interviews. You can also do things with Google Hangouts that you simply can’t do with yesterday’s staffing solutions, such as hosting an online private conference room. The degree of flexibility and cost-effectiveness of your own online room can’t be matched by old-school staffing solutions like face-to-face interviews for candidates and employers in different geographic locations.

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Hangouts for Live YouTube Broadcasts

Use Hangouts to discuss the opening, the work, and the company culture with the hiring manager and people who would be working with the new hire, and then stream it live on your YouTube channel or the company’s YouTube channel. Communicate openings and candidate searches, build the employer brand, and build your candidate pool with live broadcasts. Ask for referrals; give specifics about qualifications for openings, and present contact information for candidates to get in touch.

Enhance the effectiveness of your Hangouts by promoting them on your other social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, and posting recordings on your blog or website. Use Hangouts to bring together hiring managers, professors and college advisors, and top students and candidates to discuss the work and the businesses who are hiring. Use private Hangouts for interviews and video conference calls with individual candidates or groups you gather for a specific focus such as announcing an opening or batch of openings or introducing a company’s culture and work environment to students and candidates with relevant skill sets.

Think you already know every trick in the staffing solutions book? Well, if you are not using Google Hangouts, then it’s time to go back to Staffing Solutions School to learn a few new tricks!

What creative new staffing solutions are you trying out? Please share, we’d love to hear and learn from you!


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