Empowering People of Color in the Workplace: Strategies for Success

Empowering people of color in the workplace is essential to create an equitable and inclusive environment. This means recognizing the diversity of skills, talents, and perspectives that people of color bring to the workplace and creating job opportunities to ensure their success. This blog article will provide proven strategies for supporting people of color in […]

Game On! Your Best Recruiting Moves to Find the Perfect Employee


It’s not a secret that the right employees can make or break an organization. Finding those perfect fits, however, is often easier said than done. That’s why having a strategic recruitment plan in place has become more and more important for successful organizations of all sizes – to ensure they secure the top talent needed […]

Supercharge Your Employee Engagement Strategies by Becoming an Awesome Leader 

As a leader, one of the most important roles you have is to ensure that your employees are engaged and productive. But what does employee engagement even mean? How can you measure it? And what strategies can you use to increase engagement?   These are all great questions, and in this blog post, we’re going […]

What is Gainsharing and Can It Improve Employee Performance?

What is Gainsharing

In the business world, there are dozens of different frameworks, incentive programs, and punishment/reward systems you can use to influence the performance of your employees. Some of them are highly effective; others have long been proven ineffective. Still others are reliant on the people in your team. One such program is gainsharing. You may have […]

Learn how a “Growth Culture” can Reduce Employee Turnover

employee benefits

  No one wants to stay in a dead-end job. When employees see outside talent getting hired for higher-level positions instead of employees being offered opportunities to advance, don’t get changes in pay, title, or responsibility, and don’t get any face-time with the boss, they will leave. Maybe not this week, or even this year, […]

Are You Providing Growth Opportunities for Employees?

  Today’s recruiting environment is vastly different than five years ago, and it’s continuously evolving. Disengaged employees, Baby Boomers leaving and Millennials arriving, candidate experience, and employer branding are just some of the issues employers must keep pace with to keep a competitive advantage in recruiting. To attract and retain talent in the shifting sands […]

Why Employee Onboarding Matters

What happens during a new employee’s first day with your company? Is there a video involved? Lots of paperwork? Would employees describe it as a “bore-ientation?” Or is your new employee onboarding program designed to help new hires adjust to your company culture, work environment, and performance expectations from day one? That’s what Talya Bauer, […]