Guide: How to Calculate and Analyze Your Employee Attrition

Calculating and Analyzing Attrition

In a previous article, I wrote about the differences between turnover and attrition as metrics relating to your overall employee numbers. You can read the full post here. Today, I thought I would go a bit deeper into attrition. What is it, how do you calculate it, how can you analyze it, and how can […]

Should You Counteroffer an Employee After They Resign?

Counter Offering an Employee

The global pandemic has led to a massive shift in how the employer-employee relationship works. For decades, the balance of power has tilted in favor of employers, and when an employee leaves, they take their fate into their own hands. Rarely would an employee be valuable or irreplaceable enough to warrant a counter-offer, and when […]

Why Did Multiple Employees All Quit at The Same Time?

Turnover is a fact of life for a business. Few employees will hold the same position forever; indeed, the idea of a life-long career has been somewhat of a rarity for decades. Even if you have particularly loyal employees, outside factors can lead to a resignation. It’s often outside of your control. However, there’s a […]

Why Bonuses Don’t Work to Improve Employee Retention

There are many different ways a company can encourage employee retention; one of the most popular is the retention bonus. At first glance, it seems like a good idea. Employees who stick around get a bonus to financially reward their loyalty. What’s wrong with that? The truth is, almost everything. Retention bonuses have tons of […]

Guide: How to Accurately Calculate Your Employee Retention Rate

As difficult as it is to recruit high-quality candidates, it makes sense that your company should do everything it can to keep your employees around. This means that one of the most important metrics measuring your workforce is your employee retention rate. Some level of turnover is natural and unavoidable. People retire. People have outside […]

List of 70+ Employee Recognition and Appreciation Ideas

Employee recognition is incredibly important, more so than many business owners ever realize. The need to be recognized, to feel as though you’re more than just a cog in an uncaring machine, is a critical component to job satisfaction and productivity. It’s also key for employee retention. According to FastCompany, employees are 12% more productive […]