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Employee Surveys

Shedding Light on Employee Survey Questions

Are you thinking about creating or improving upon a set of employee survey questions? In “Getting Action from Organizational Surveys,” William A. Schiemann, Ph.D. and Brian S. Morgan, Ph.D. suggest 10 key questions to ask about your employee survey process. Questions to ask include “Does our survey process capture our organizational goals and values?” and…

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What You Need to Know About Employee Survey Questions

Talent acquisition is becoming a tool for developing competitive advantage, and the most successful talent acquisition strategies include hiring manager and employee survey questions. Successful talent acquisition doesn’t happen at the recruiter’s desk, behind closed doors, as a singular and solitary activity. It’s the result of meeting with employees, hiring managers, and other stakeholders to…

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Choosing the Best Employee Survey Questions

Employee surveys are valuable tools for management to gain insight into their organization’s problems and successes and help understand how to better motivate employees. Surveys reveal how employees feel about quality-of-life issues, benefits, work/life balance, diversity, and other specific topics employers want to ask about. Employee surveys can help employers understand and address recruiting and…

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