Building a Strong Employer Brand Through Social Recruiting 

I’m sure you are well aware that today’s employment market is very competitive. One of the best ways to lure and keep top talent is with employer branding.    Due to the growth of social media, businesses now have a rare chance to present their company culture and communicate authentically with potential employees. In this […]

Employer Branding in the Age of Social Media: How to Attract the Right Talent

Employer branding has become increasingly important in today’s competitive job market. A strong employer brand can help attract top talent, improve retention rates, and boost overall company performance. However, with the rise of social media, managing your online reputation has become a critical aspect of employer branding. In this post, we’ll explore how to manage […]

Are You Providing Growth Opportunities for Employees?

  Today’s recruiting environment is vastly different than five years ago, and it’s continuously evolving. Disengaged employees, Baby Boomers leaving and Millennials arriving, candidate experience, and employer branding are just some of the issues employers must keep pace with to keep a competitive advantage in recruiting. To attract and retain talent in the shifting sands […]