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IT Recruiting

How to Find and Fill Top Technical Talent

hiring software engineer

With an ever-growing gap in the technology job market, the need for candidates with technical skills for industries like engineering and information technology, far outweighs the supply. This poses no small challenge for hiring managers — 86 percent of whom say, in a recent survey, they struggle to find and hire technical talent. You want…

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Screening Software Engineers – Tips for IT Recruiters

  Although IT recruiters have the same challenges as recruiters of other types of positions and industries, they also face some challenges that are unique to the IT industry and IT candidates. All recruiters needs to find good sources of candidates, find a large enough pool of qualified candidates, attract passive candidates, and find candidates…

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How Are We Supposed to Recruit from the Latest Digital Generations?

recruiting millennials

Each generation is different, and as such, reaching out to them is going to require different tactics. Before diving into the subject it’s worth noting that generations are not ‘real’ strictly speaking – not everyone is going to fit neatly into every category. Still, they are useful division, since each generation will have some things…

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The Quickest and Easiest Way to Improve Job Descriptions

employee collaboration

              Replace dull, poorly written job descriptions with better formats, better language, and better design. knows the value of excellent job descriptions. We’ve discussed them in “Do Your Job Descriptions Stink?” and talked about formats and using video. If you have a stack of boring, outdated job descriptions that…

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Online Recruiting Strategies for 2015

In today’s digitally connected world, recruiting in 2015 and beyond means recruiting online. But it is much more than just creating an online application process. Finding the right candidates for your company’s job openings means attention to details that create a competitive advantage in recruiting. The Internet benefits employers and job seekers in the recruiting…

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IT Recruiting – You're Doing It Wrong

Dice reports that tech unemployment was 2.5 percent at the end of 2014 and has been declining steadily since the end of 2013. All tech specialties have enjoyed unemployment lower than the national rate even during the worst of the recession, making recruiting for IT very competitive. Do you understand IT recruiting today? HR and…

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Why You Should Use Twitter for Recruiting?

Are you using Twitter for recruiting? If not, maybe you need to see some statistics. 34 percent of job seekers use Twitter to find work, a 26 percent increase from 2011 according to Jobvite. 11 percent found out about a job from a Twitter share, also according to Jobvite. And Twitter reports that there are…

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3 Important Reminders for Technical Recruiters

Best practices in recruiting result in a competitive advantage in business. Effective technical recruiters find the best candidates before competitors in the least amount of time, attract diverse workers, develop a strong candidate pipeline, stay in contact with top candidates, and save money. Top results like these require top recruiting practices. Social media, advances in…

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The Importance of Soft Skills in IT Staffing

The increasingly competitive market for technology talent means that recruiters involved with IT staffing have to continuously source and recruit skilled candidates. Technology workers make up a highly competitive talent pool, and many businesses’ ability to expand operations by taking on new clients or developing new products and services depends on their ability to source…

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Do IT Staffing Companies Help or Hinder?

A recent study by Matthew Bidwell, a professor at the Wharton School of Management, may cause concern among IT staffing companies. IT staffing companies and corporate recruiters often work together in the search for external IT talent. The study by Bidwell highlights the substantial costs associated with external hiring and the results might encourage certain…

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