What is Adverse Impact? (And How to Avoid It When Recruiting)

What Is Adverse Impact

Adverse impact is a term that comes up in discussions related primarily to recruiting. Still, it can also influence advertising (both commercial and job advertising), business practices, reputation building, and every other department in a business. It’s essential to be aware of adverse impact, as well as the ways that you can mitigate it. So…

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Everything You Need to Measure Quality of Hire

Evaluating a New Hire

Making data-driven decisions is the foundation of modern best practices, for everything from determining what content to write about in your blog to developing a new product feature your customers want. Data analysis can help make decisions in nearly every aspect of a business, up to and including measuring your new hires. Measuring quality of…

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The Importance of Recruiting Metrics

If you want better hiring results, you have to make some changes in your recruiting process. One of the best changes to make is in regard to recruiting metrics. You need to gather and maintain the right kind of data, such as where your candidates are coming from, how they apply for your jobs, and…

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Improve your Hiring Process with One-Day Offers

Be honest about your hiring process. How long does it take to extend an offer to a candidate at your company? Three weeks? Longer?  All your efforts to find top salespeople or the best software developers  won’t matter if your hiring process takes too long in regard to extending job offers. Recruiting and HR expert…

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