What is Technical Hiring and What Does a Technical Recruiter Do?

One of the foremost challenges in recruiting and hiring is the skill gap between the Human Resources personnel involved in making hiring decisions and the employees hired for technical positions. Some roles, like customer service, sales, and manual labor, do not have a high skill ceiling; this is why they are so frequently identified as […]

Understanding the Challenges of Using a Contingency Recruiting Agency

When you are managing urgent or unpredictable hiring demands of a growing business, contingency recruiting may be an option you depend on to find the top performers you need. Recruiters working under this model source and present screen qualified candidates and present them for review. If your company hires them, they collect a placement fee […]

5 Disadvantages of Retained Search

Retained search, also called executive search, is an interesting option for companies that need to hire senior level executives or other key positions with salaries that are well into the six figures. Employers contract with recruiters for retained search who will work exclusively with the company to give full attention to the search. Retained search […]

Contingency Recruiting – Explaining the Pros and Cons

In terms of managing the unpredictable hiring demands of business, contingency recruiting may be an option your organization is considering. Recruiters who work under this model source and present candidates who are potentially qualified for your open assignment, with the expectation that your company will hire them so they can collect a placement fee. This […]