How to Accurately Calculate Your Recruiting Cost Per Hire

Calculate Cost Per Hire

Many people don’t think about it, but there’s a cost associated with hiring new people to fill roles in any company. This applies regardless of whether you’re doing everything bespoke and in-house, or you’re hiring a company to handle recruiting for you. It counts everything from your talent management tools to the time of your […]

List of the 12 Best HR Tools to Research Salary

Research Salary

A key part of attracting candidates to any role is establishing a reasonable salary for that role. A position that pays under the area salary average needs to have something very worthwhile to tip the scales, whether it’s great benefits, or something else. Conversely, a role that pays far above the average can be quite […]

Why Does Everyone Love to Hate Taleo Applicant Tracking Software?

Remember old school job search, in a bygone era long before applicant tracking software, scanning the Sunday classifieds with a red pen, circling jobs you want to apply for? Filling out paper application forms with a black ballpoint pen, and listening to the receptionist tell you “We’ll call you if they want to interview you.” […]