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Recruiting Software

4 New Apps for Mobile Recruiting

Rapid advancements in technology and social media make using the latest tech tools a key part of mobile recruiting today. If you’re not using an applicant tracking system, don’t have a career page as an integral part of your company website, and aren’t in social media where your candidates are spending their time, you are…

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6 Clear Signs You Need Help with Recruiting

No college is turning out seasoned recruiters ready to recruit and hire the right people for the right jobs. The stellar recruiting and interviewing skills needed by today’s recruiters are learned skills that are developed over time. In the volatile and evolving modern world economy, employers can’t afford hiring managers and human resources staff who…

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Jobvite’s Sixth Annual Social Recruiting Survey Results (Infographic)

Jobvite is a software-as-a-service platform with a modular format for social recruiting. The Jobvite modules include Refer for employee referrals, Jobvite Engage for sourcing, and Hire, a total hiring solution to manage recruiting from requisition through hire. Each year, Jobvite conducts a survey of recruiters and HR personnel, asking about their use of social media…

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5 Things to Know About Applicant Tracking Software

Today’s recruiting environment is much different than it was in1998 when applicant tracking software first came on the scene. Job boards eventually overtook print media, and recruitment advertising shifted from the Sunday newspaper classifieds to the Internet. Employers and recruiters started having a problem managing applicants and the first entrants in applicant tracking software space…

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Which Applicant Tracking Systems Should Be On Your Short List?

Ever since sourcing tools and platforms like first hit the recruiting scene, screening applicant response to employment ads and job posts has been a monumental task. A typical job posting generates hundreds of qualified applicant resumes that the recruiter must sift through, either by reading or by delegating resume screening to an assistant or…

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Jobvite: Staffing Software for a New Generation

Before I begin, let me go on record by stating that I have no affiliation with Jobvite, or for that matter, any other applicant tracking or staffing software system. Nor does The Recruiting Division. I just call it like I see it, for better or for worse, and this review happened to come out decidedly…

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