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Reference Checks

5 Things Recruitment Agencies Won’t Tell You

Finding the best talent requires moving beyond the limitations of traditional staffing agencies. Explore the top 5 things recruitment agencies don’t tell you. It is an employee-driven workforce in the world of recruitment as the unemployment rate has decreased to 3.5%. This means there are fewer qualified candidates available to fill recruiting demands. The pressure on…

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How to Use Reference Check Questions

Automatic Data Processing reports that just under 50 percent of reference checks reveal discrepancies. Employers, hiring managers, and recruiters all need to ask direct reference check questions to verify the information on applications, resumes, and interviews. Good hiring practices include using good reference check questions to investigate a candidate’s background, experience, work habits, and character…

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Get Rid of the Riff-Raff with Reference Check Questions

If you are an employer, hiring manager, or recruiter, making a list of reference check questions should be close to the top of your to-do list. Even though more than fifty percent of large U.S. employers conduct background checks, applicants still lie on applications, resumes, and in interviews. ADP, Automatic Data Processing, a large payroll…

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