What Are Principal Engineers? (And Why You Need One)

Principal Engineers

According to Manpower Group’s Talent Shortage Survey, engineers are one of the top ten careers facing talent shortages. For example, there are seventeen job openings for every electrical engineering candidate looking for a job. Engineering is a broad industry that can be broken down into many more specific fields, such as mechanical, electrical, civil, chemical,…

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FAQ: What Does a Change Management Consultant Do?

Change Management Consultant

There’s a dichotomy in business. On the one hand, you have monolithic corporations that seem highly resistant to change. They stand firm, resist the influence of changing market pressures and trends, and take a very long view; they know the demand for their product will swing back around, and while they may suffer through lean…

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List of 25 Administrative Job Titles and Roles With Descriptions

Administrative Job Titles

Administrative jobs can cover an impressively wide variety of responsibilities and duties to support an organization. In some instances, the job descriptions of many administrative positions can overlap quite a bit, such as ‘administrative assistant’ and ‘receptionist.’ However, there is also a hierarchy to administrative roles, meaning that the responsibilities and duties can vary greatly…

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Accounting Positions and Job Titles: Which Do You Need?

Accounting Positions Job Titles

All companies have to deal with finances sooner or later, which means working with accounting and financial professionals. As a company grows, it may no longer be sustainable to work with an external accountant or CPA to manage finances. It becomes a large and complex enough situation that an internal hire, familiar with your organization…

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The Ultimate Guide to Recruitment Compliance Requirements

Every business, sooner or later, runs into the complex issue that is compliance. Whether it’s OSHA workplace safety regulations, HIPAA privacy regulations, legal confidentiality regulations, or something else, compliance is always there. It’s also not something a business can ignore. Violations of compliance regulations can lead to anything from fines to a government entity shutting…

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Organizational Development Guide: Definition, Benefits, and Phases

Organizational Development Guide

The term “Organizational Development” sounds like one of those phrases that exist to codify something as ill-defined as the growth of a business. Thus, many business owners dismiss it as a buzzword without looking deeper. That is, unfortunately, a detrimental behavior. First, let’s start by defining organizational development. What is Organizational Development? A Definition Organizational…

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FAQ: What Are the Differences Between HCM and HRM?

Differences HCM HRM

The world of HR is filled with all manner of terminology, from the common to the arcane. Moreover, some of these terms are commonly treated as interchangeable, despite having their specific nuances. Many of them are practically synonyms; virtually identical in meaning, but with different connotations. The two specific acronyms that we’re referring to today…

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List of Traditional C-Suite Roles and Job Titles with Descriptions

C-Suite Positions

C-level positions – also referred to as C-suite positions – start with the letter “C” for “Chief”. These are often the most important positions in any company. They’re the people in charge of daily operations, guiding everything from the overall direction of the company to the core responsibilities of individual departments. These positions require the…

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12 Tools to Help with the Challenge of Employee Onboarding

Onboarding Process

Onboarding a new employee is a challenge, and it cannot easily be surmounted just by subscribing to a new service or hiring the right consultant. You need to put serious thought into your onboarding process. More than that, you need to monitor it and adjust it as necessary to ensure that onboarding matches the process,…

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