The 7 Key Roles Needed to Build an Effective Sales Team

Effective Sales Team

A prevalent opinion often held in the business world is that sales is a world apart. Sale “teams” are more like groups of individuals working towards a common goal yet competing with one another. “Rockstar” sales leaders, the closers who ring the bells, get there independently. They live or die, in career terms, on the…

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What the Best Sales Recruiters Do Differently

The movies often represent salesmen in a negative light, making a career in sales seem like a shady undertaking. If you’ve seen films like Glengarry Glen Ross, Death of a Salesman, or Jerry Maquire, you may think that a career in sales is a ticket to deception, desperation, and despair. But in “Can They Sell…

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The 4 Top Challenges for Sales Recruiters

Sales recruiters have some pretty specific challenges. There are a lot of sales people out there, but sales recruiters must identify the top sales candidates who love sales and will work tenaciously to close sales a large percentage of the time. They must know where to look for top sales candidates, identify top seller traits,…

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