Avoid Bad Recruiting Solutions

Recruiting, hiring there are many recruiting firms out there, which means that you need to be very careful in choosing the right one for your company. How can you tell that the firms promising good recruiting solutions actually deliver? The best ones will have a few key things in common, and if you know what to look for, you can feel confident that the firm will do its job well. When you begin searching for a recruiting firm, look for the following qualities:


For you to get the best candidate, you need to work with a recruiting firm that has several years’ worth of experience. Newer companies won’t have extensive networks that they can tap into for talent, so to hire a successful candidate right from the get-go, you’ll want to use a recruiting firm that’s well-established. But if you’re under a time crunch to get that vacancy filled, look for a company with flexibility. Which leads us to another trait to look for…


Some companies have exclusivity policies that will prevent you from working with another firm while you’re seeking their services. This may not be a problem if you’re working with a recruiting firm that has much experience and a strong network, but it’s a good idea to think about how you’d like your search to proceed before you enter any agreements with a recruiting company.


You wouldn’t want a sales professional to apply for a job in graphic design, right? Likewise, you should specialize your search for a recruiting firm based on what fields the firm works with most. Many recruiting firms specialize in a particular types of careers, such as management or technical roles. Identify which research firm is the best match for what you need and concentrate your efforts on that company.

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Just as the recruiting firm needs to understand your company, you need to understand the recruiting firm. Ask the firm what type of clients does it typically works with. Also see if any references from past clients are available for you to read.

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Thorough Review

The firm should thoroughly review a candidate’s application materials before sending him or her your way for interviewing. Ask the firm what their review process is like, and see whether they call references, make background checks, or give skill tests to candidates. The recruiting firm is the gate between your company and the candidate, and you need to make sure it’s letting the right people in, and turning the wrong people away.

Understanding of Your Company

Using a recruiting firm is a bit like hiring a personal matchmaker. In order for the matchmaker to find people you like he or she has to know about you first—your values, your personality, your goals, etc. A good recruiting firm will do this, too. One of its staff will make an effort to talk with you and stop by the office to get a taste of the office culture. Doing so will lead to much better results than just blindly evaluating a candidate, based on how well they match your company’s checklist of needs.

Long-term Results

Ideally, the recruiting firm you choose will have a history of making successful placements. Firms that have supplied candidates who stay with a company for the long-term are the ones you want to work with; if it seems that their placements haven’t stuck, however, that may be a red flag, and you should consider a different agency.

It may seem like finding the right recruiting firm can be as much of a headache as finding the right candidate. But think of it this way: Find the right recruiting firm that can match your expectations and select a good talent pool, and the process of hiring will be halfway over. Hire the wrong firm, however, and you may find yourself starting back at square one all over again.

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