The 7 Key Roles Needed to Build an Effective Sales Team

Effective Sales Team

A prevalent opinion often held in the business world is that sales is a world apart. Sale “teams” are more like groups of individuals working towards a common goal yet competing with one another. “Rockstar” sales leaders, the closers who ring the bells, get there independently. They live or die, in career terms, on the…

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30 Virtual Recruitment Ideas to Attract Online Talent

Virtual Recruitment Ideas

Today’s job market is almost entirely online. Even before the pandemic, younger generations preferred to do as much as possible, from job hunting to applications to skills assessments and even interviews online. Many even prefer to do their work online, which is part of the current push for maintaining remote work standards that have arisen…

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Passive vs Active Candidates: What’s The Difference?

Passive Active Candidate Difference

When reading any hiring guide, you’ve probably come across the terms “active” and “passive” regarding your potential candidates. Do you know what they mean? This guide is mainly for HR novices, new hires, and individuals who aren’t immersed in their terminology. The definitions are relatively simple, though the repercussions of them and how you treat…

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The Ultimate Guide on Call Center Recruiting Strategies

Call Center Recruiting

Call centers face many unique challenges in terms of employment. The humble call center is an essential part of many businesses as a customer service and support channel. It’s also largely a thankless department, with many workers burning out quickly. They’re often unsupported and unloved by their parent companies, ignored or hampered by the companies…

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What is a Candidate Journey Map? (And Why You Need One)

Candidate Journey Map

Any time you need to hire someone, you go through a process. You put out job ads, filter your candidate pool, schedule and conduct interviews, review the results, and make a decision. In broad strokes, progressing through those stages is known as the candidate journey. Let’s say that you want to improve your hiring process.…

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10 Strategies to Create a Positive Candidate Experience

Creating Positive Candidate Experience

A significant part of your hiring process is the candidate experience. What is the candidate experience? Put simply, it’s the whole array of experiences and interactions between your company and any given candidate, from the time they see your job ad to the time they are either hired or not. It’s essential to note that…

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8 Easy Ways to Create a More Inclusive Work Culture

Inclusive Work Culture

Diversity and inclusivity are often tied together in corporate initiatives and discussions, but they’re two distinct, if related, aspects of workplace culture. Diversity is critically important for many reasons, but inclusion is often overlooked in the emphasis on diversity. Building a more inclusive workplace culture has a knock-on effect across the whole of your organization…

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5 Tips to Discreetly Replace an Employee in the Workplace

Replacing an Employee

No company has a perfect workforce. Sometimes employees leave, sometimes conflicts arise, and sometimes behaviors get out of hand to the extent that action must be taken. No business owner enjoys deciding to terminate someone’s employment, but now and then, it must be done. Removing (and replacing) an employee should generally be done discreetly. Making…

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What is Gainsharing and Can It Improve Employee Performance?

What is Gainsharing

In the business world, there are dozens of different frameworks, incentive programs, and punishment/reward systems you can use to influence the performance of your employees. Some of them are highly effective; others have long been proven ineffective. Still others are reliant on the people in your team. One such program is gainsharing. You may have…

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My Job Candidate Canceled Their Interview: Now What?

Canceled Job Interview

At first glance, it can seem offensive when a candidate cancels their interview with you. You’re giving them a fantastic opportunity, and all they need to do is attend the interview, yet they call the whole thing off. It leaves you in a tricky position. You now have an open time slot, and the chances…

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12 Tips When You Received Too Many Job Applications

Too Many Job Applications

Your company has an open role you need to fill. Maybe you have a handful of them, or it’s an ongoing process to fill low-level positions with constant churn. Whatever the reason is, you’ve put up a job posting, and the applications are starting to come in. There’s just one problem. There are thousands of…

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