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5 Tips for How to Select Your Social Recruiting Tools

By Andrew Greenberg | Mar 16, 2013 |

Recruiters have always been on the cutting edge of trying the latest recruiting tools to be able to compete in a tight market. Remember when there was a waiting list to get the latest AIRS training for Google searching? Today, having solid Google Boolean search skills is simply part of the job. The complexity –…

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LinkedIn for Recruiting: Lay the Groundwork

By Andrew Greenberg | Mar 15, 2013 |

Don’t leave your LinkedIn profile as a static, closed channel. Use LinkedIn for recruiting candidates by getting proactive and working your LinkedIn account on a regular basis. LinkedIn is the number one social media platform used by professionals and is a source of almost unlimited new candidate contacts with over 200 million members in 200…

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SCARE Your Candidates to Fill that Difficult Req

By Andrew Greenberg | Mar 14, 2013 |

Hiring managers can be impossibly picky, indecisive or just not helpful when asked to describe the person they’re looking to fill that difficult requisition. What started out as a brief chat about the items on the req becomes a teaching moment and a time suck for the recruiter, after which the hiring manager complains that…

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Recruiting Tips to Create a Stellar Talent Pool

By Andrew Greenberg | Mar 13, 2013 |

Instead of using recruiting tips from the past, recruiters need to tap into innovative recruiting tips that are relevant to today’s environment. At a HR office in Huntsville, Alabama, a recruiter is sitting at her desk with a stack of requisitions for Senior Level Management positions. There are at least 7 vacancies that need to…

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The Connection Between Human Resources and Virtual Recruiters

By Andrew Greenberg | Mar 11, 2013 |

Did you know that very often a virtual recruitment team can become a Human Resource manager’s best friend? It’s true! Recruiters who work virtually often partner with HR professionals who are either stretched too thin to handle all the areas of recruitment well, or they need just a little extra help with finding specialist candidates…

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4 Tips to Update Your Recruiting Process for 2013

By Andrew Greenberg | Mar 10, 2013 |

Don’t shortchange your recruiting process with avoidable mistakes and miss out on opportunities to hire the qualified candidates you need. Hiring the most qualified and experienced employees with the least amount of time and effort is the goal in recruiting. But employers make a lot of mistakes while looking for the best candidates, adding extra…

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5 Tips for Recruiting with LinkedIn

By Andrew Greenberg | Mar 9, 2013 |

Looking for ways to ramp up your recruiting efforts, find highly qualified candidates, and produce better results? Recruiting with LinkedIn should be your next plan of action as you venture into social tools. This robust social network was designed with recruiting in mind, putting thousands of skilled professionals from multiple industries within your reach. There…

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8 Unique Interview Questions to Ask Executive Candidates

By Andrew Greenberg | Mar 8, 2013 |

Hiring for executive candidates can be a real challenge in today’s business world, particularly because there is fierce competition among these career seekers and an influx of resumes coming in. According to most recent reports from the US Department of Labor and Statistics, there are usually on average 200 resumes coming in for every single…

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3 Essentials of Candidate Care – The Future of Recruiting Strategy

By Andrew Greenberg | Mar 6, 2013 |

Learn more about Candidate Care by downloading my free white paper resource by clicking here. The job search can be an extremely stressful time for job seekers as they navigate the often mysterious and complex process of applying, interviewing and negotiating for a job. Candidates can spend hours navigating through the job search process only…

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Best Practices for Using Google Hangouts for Recruiting

By Andrew Greenberg | Mar 4, 2013 |

As a business leader, have you had an opportunity to set up and use a Google Hangout yet? This free video conferencing service offered by the world’s leading search engine is becoming a hot spot for those who want to be heard online. At the same time, a few smart recruiters are also finding ways…

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