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How to Accurately Calculate Your Recruiting Cost Per Hire

By Andrew Greenberg | Apr 23, 2020 |
Calculate Cost Per Hire

Many people don’t think about it, but there’s a cost associated with hiring new people to fill roles in any company. This applies regardless of whether you’re doing everything bespoke and in-house, or you’re hiring a company to handle recruiting for you. It counts everything from your talent management tools to the time of your…

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How to Create an Interview Scorecard (With Free Templates)

By Andrew Greenberg | Apr 16, 2020 |
Interview Scorecard

When it comes to interviewing candidates for a position, all too often the final determination comes down not to objective facts, but to gut feelings and impressions left by the interview. This leads to candidates who might be charismatic and charming but underperform at their job when technical tasks and computers – which can’t be…

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The Ultimate Guide to Healthcare Recruiting and Staffing

By Andrew Greenberg | Apr 2, 2020 |
Healthcare Recruiting

Healthcare survives on the backs of its workers. A hospital, a hospice, an urgent care facility; no matter what the healthcare role, without good workers, it’s nothing. Recruiting healthcare workers comes with it’s own challenges, and must be handled with a different approach than most other types of recruiting. The question is, how? Special Considerations…

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States That Prohibit Employers From Requesting Salary History

By Andrew Greenberg | Mar 23, 2020 |
Banned States

Hiring managers, HR departments, and anyone in charge of recruiting need to be aware of salary history requests, and the bans of those requests that may exist in your areas. Why would you want to request the salary history for a candidate? For decades, this was a common practice among businesses and hiring managers. By…

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List of the 12 Best HR Tools to Research Salary

By Andrew Greenberg | Mar 5, 2020 |
Research Salary

A key part of attracting candidates to any role is establishing a reasonable salary for that role. A position that pays under the area salary average needs to have something very worthwhile to tip the scales, whether it’s great benefits, or something else. Conversely, a role that pays far above the average can be quite…

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The Ultimate List of Candidate Sourcing and Recruitment Tools

By Andrew Greenberg | Feb 19, 2020 |
Candidate Sourcing Tools

The first step of any recruitment process is building up a candidate pool. Without a pool, no amount of filtering will bring you qualified candidates, and no amount of hiring will fill your roles. It’s no shock, then, to find that there are hundreds if not thousands of tools, platforms, apps, and services that help…

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Staffing vs Recruiting vs Hiring: Which Should You Choose?

By Andrew Greenberg | Feb 7, 2020 |
Recruiting and Profiles

Any time you have an open position for a company, and you need that position filled, you go through a particular practice. That practice of filling an open position is known as something, but the exact term used varies. Some people calling it staffing. Some people call it recruiting. Some people call it hiring. Most…

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List of the 100 Most Common Behavioral Interview Questions

By Andrew Greenberg | Jan 21, 2020 |

Behavioral interview questions are some of the most important questions you can ask in an interview. They allow you to get a feel for how a candidate is going to respond in certain kinds of situations. Some of them are more useful than others, of course, and you should always be aware that people will…

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25 Best Practices for High Volume Recruiting and Hiring

By Andrew Greenberg | Jan 5, 2020 |
Large Corporation Illustration

Finding the right person for a role is difficult at the best of times. When you have a broad candidate pool, you can narrow it down to pull the best handful of candidates, interview them, and pick the one most suited to the role. What happens, though, when you have hundreds or thousands of positions…

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Jobvite vs Greenhouse vs Lever: Which Is Better?

By Andrew Greenberg | Dec 19, 2019 |
Jobvite Greenhouse Lever

In the old days, hiring a new employee meant collecting resumes and applications on paper. It meant painstakingly reading through each and filing them away, then contacting the best applicants – or just talking with the ones motivated enough to give your office a visit. There were no personality quizzes, no filter questions, and certainly…

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