In terms of modern IT staffing solutions, recruiting for a collaborative workplace is something that’s catching on with the fastest growing companies.

As a company with a robust Information Technology team, you are keenly aware that the agile project management methodology is what sustains much of what your workforce can produce. Therefore, you need an on-demand IT staffing solution that supports this objective. By building your teams from IT candidates who are specialists in their areas, your workplace can be transformed into a more collaborative environment, where creativity and innovation flourish.

Hiring managers are all too aware of the fact that it’s important to forecast for future IT Staffing Solutions skillsets in an IT workforce in order for the company to stay competitive in the ever-changing technology market. This often involves turning to creative IT staffing solutions that are tapped into the resources that attract a better overall candidate pool, using socially-driven recruitment methods to connect with top performers.

Collaborative Workplaces – The Future of IT Staffing

In 2011, at what some have called the start of the social media recruiting revolution, the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) published a report called Future Insights, which shared an outline of what the workplace of the future would look like. On this report, developed by a panel of HR and Recruitment experts, the need for more collaborative workplaces that provide the opportunity to share ideas, open communication, and the flow of innovation across was highlighted over and over again. Creative IT staffing solutions provide a way for businesses to embrace this way of managing human resources, by bringing in a diverse talent pool to build collaborative work teams.

How Creative Staffing Solutions Support Collaborative Workplaces

Recruiting for the collaborative workplace is a focus that more firms are using to develop cross-cultural teams. This helps to shape the organization into a well-rounded environment where the best IT employees flourish. Information Technology is a uniquely different industry, with its own set of challenges that make creative staffing solutions a must. Why? There is a high degree of competition for the most qualified and skilled IT candidates, and the race to recruit them can be a battle if you don’t know how to manage this well. An IT recruitment process outsourcing model (RPO) can provide direct access to the candidates that can help grow your business, using proven methods of sourcing, screening, and placement.

Creative IT staffing solutions support the collaborative workplace for a number of reasons, including:

• The ability to create a pool of top performance IT candidates ready to handle short and long-term projects.

• Direct access to screened and assessed IT candidates who are proven to possess the right skills.

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• A diverse pool of quality candidates in the IT market who are ready for a new career challenge.

• Expert support to develop an IT recruitment strategy that supports future business growth.

Why Recruiting for Collaboration is Key to Success in the IT Industry

Dr. Wilen-Daugenti, the author of Society 3.0: How Technology Is Reshaping Education, Work and Society, shared expert insight about recruiting for collaborative workspaces based on a report published by Apollo Research Institute in 2012. This report advised how important continual recruiting for collaborative workplaces is to the survival of the IT industry and many other growing industries in a world that is shrinking due to technology and communication advances. He was quoted as stating, ““You may not intend to become a solely virtual company, but expect some traditions, such as face-to-face meetings, to fade due to cost savings and convenience. And don’t let your talent pool—or business opportunities—fall behind.”

Take IBM, for example. As the largest Information Technology and consulting services company in the world, they’ve shared that the top performance companies in this space turn to collaborative work environments and technology. Nearly 40 percent of the top IT companies provide access to collaborative technology resource, like virtual meetings and cloud-based project management tools. Another 30 percent of the best IT companies globally recruit and hire specifically for the collaborative work environment, seeking out IT candidates who represent the best of the best. Creative IT staffing solutions offer accessibility to these candidates, who are accustomed to working collectively on large scale projects with colleagues from every corner of the earth.

In order to compete in the IT market, the time is now to select an IT staffing solution that is ready, willing, and able to provide you with quality candidates who embrace the collaborative work environment.

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