Dave likes Minecraft, and other Video Staffing Solutions Tales

The competition for talent in the current era of advanced social media recruitment is heating up. Attracting the right people requires video staffing solutions that are relevant to the technologically savvy candidate. If your company fails to project an image of innovation and industry leadership, you may find yourself with a pile of resumes from applicants more accustomed to form letters typed on letter head than smart phones and texting.

Communication media that saves time and energy, well, anything these days that saves time and energy is de rigueur, and for staffing solutions that appeal to the more enlightened applicant, videos offer a way to deliver knowledge visually and effectively.

People are doing more from their mobile devices and recruiters can use this to their staffing solution’s advantage. Whether you are standing at a bus stop, or waiting for your child’s swim meet to end, watching a two or three minute video is much more doable on your iPhone that scrolling through minute website text. Savvy recruiters know this and are incorporating video staffing solutions.

Social media is no longer an option when it comes to staffing solutions. Of course, it is a predilection of Generation Y’ers to populate sites such as “LinkedIn” and “Facebook”, but there is pressure on any working professional, job seeker or not, to jump onto the social media bandwagon and develop network visibility or a personal brand. There is a reason why “Alexa”, a web information company, recently ranked “YouTube” as the third most popular website globally and “Facebook” as the most popular website; both platforms exploit the power of video. Social media is now a key driver in recruitment and the development of staffing solutions — “Twitter” offers recruiters the opportunity to create accounts purely to search for talent and to develop recruitment networks.

The Rise of Video

For many companies, videos are the new “About Us” page. Videos are popping up on home pages to communicate anything from company products, the type of work employees actually do, to the rather less formal “meet our staff” pages. Click on that link and you can view a bio on Fred who works in the mailroom, or Ann who handles client relations. Who knew that David, IT Technologist at Rexon Inc., likes to make cork board figures in his spare time — that is, when he isn’t leading the local “Minecraft” discussion group; or that June, who is in communications, leads a Tuesday night crochet group. Yes, it’s all out there folks, and it doesn’t get any better than this!

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That aside, video recruitment can be an effective part of a staffing solution strategy. Think about it. What professional worth a twenty minute phone interview, is not going to research the website of a potential employer; and I, for one, would appreciate the opportunity to learn a little about my coworkers — if only to realize that David’s “Minecraft” discussion group is a lot more appealing than June’s crochet class. Leading companies such as “KPMG” and “Deloitte” are seeing significant results from staffing solutions that incorporate video, and companies such as “RecruitTV” are offering services to help companies produce these informational and recruitment videos for their staffing solutions.Videos appeal to the visual learner; they lend themselves to staffing solutions strategies and learning environments because people are requiring the convenience of remote knowledge. Online learning incorporates videos as a way to teach — David the IT Technologist could tell you all about the “YouTube” videos that unlock the mysteries of “Minecraft”. “Video Arts”, a company which developed an app that provides remote training to field staff via smart phones and tablets won the 2013 International E-Learning Award for the best business use of mobile learning. Videos can serve as powerful learning tools in your staffing solutions strategy.

So, don’t discount June. Crocheting aside, she’s a living example of someone who understands the power of internet media and video. Incorporate video staffing solutions and recruit some of that talent before “Deloitte” and “KPMG” grab it all.

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