Employee Engagement: Companies That Got it Right

28380453_sWould your company win an award for employee engagement? If your workplace is lacking something, if your employees look forward to the weekend more than new projects, or if you have a hard time filling open positions, you need to learn how to increase employee engagement.

Gallup measures companies that set a global standard for employee engagement and recognizes them with the annual Gallup Great Workplace Award. How does your company compare? Great Workplace Award winners average nine engaged employees for every one disengaged employee, create engaged workplaces across teams, department and locations, and get a response rate to employee engagement surveys (of at least 1000 employee) of 80% percent or higher. They demonstrate a clear link between engagement and business outcomes.

Winning organizations around the world understand how to increase employee engagement and how it drives business outcomes. They incorporate engagement in the areas of strategy and leadership, accountability and performance, communication and knowledge management, and development and ongoing learning. Take a look at how to increase engagement the way these Gallup Great Workplace Award winning companies do.


Mars, Inc. – A Sweet Company to Work For

Mars, Inc. is the third largest private 100 percent family-owned company, and it’s sweet on employee engagement. That has won it a place on Fortune’s 2013 list of 100 Best Companies to Work For and the Gallup Great Workplaces Award four times.

With $33 billion in global revenue in 2012 from brands including M&M’s, Snickers, Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit, and Lifesavers, Mars can afford to provide employee perks like nap pods and gourmet food for everyone. But they prefer to provide employee development and advancement opportunities along with the vending machines dispensing free candy. Mentorships, transparent financials, generous bonuses, paid time off for community service, and competitive internal internships help keep their turnover to around five percent, including many employees who have family members who’ve worked there for generations. You could learn how to improve employee engagement by taking a cue from Mars and making sure your employees have true mentors to help with their career development and integration to the company and industry.


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CarMax Invests in Employees

CarMax president and CEO Tom Folliard believes in taking care of employees to build the business. During the recession and volatile economy since 2008, CarMax hasn’t followed the corporate rank and file by slashing benefits and perks. The company that won the Gallup Great Workplace Award in 2008, 2009, 2014, and 2015 did the exact opposite to demonstrate how to increase employee engagement by investing in their employees. The company added training and development programs, helping employees earn raises and advancements, and adding strong employee recognition programs. Develop employee engagement by investing in your employees along with the latest IT equipment and services and corner office décor.


Training, Diversity, and Hiring From Within at Hyatt

Hyatt employees don’t leave the company after a year or so, or even five or six years. The average Hyatt housekeeper employee stays with the company more than 12 years. That’s because of excellent training, policy of hiring from within, and employee empowerment and diversity practices. The updated training, “Change the Conversation,” is based on Stanford School of Design principles and emphasizes listening. Hyatt’s diversity focus has earned it the Human Rights Campaign’s Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality list, AARP recognition for hiring older employees, and the NAACP and Hispanic Business magazine recognition for hiring people of color. Are you training and trusting your employees to do the best work they can?

These companies know how to increase employee engagement, and they enjoy happy employees who stay longer and work harder and better as a result. They don’t focus on policing their workforces but rather work hard to recognize, appreciate, develop, train, and retain their employees so they stay with the company longer, take better care of clients, and build the businesses that value them. Do you know how to increase employee engagement in your workplace?



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