Employee Engagement Ideas – Learn from these 3 Companies

ideaEmployee engagement has become a competitive advantage and a requirement for becoming an employer of choice. It’s what any employer needs to create in their company to attract top candidates. Employee engagement ideas abound and can be found at top employers. Take a look at how these three companies are using employee engagement ideas.

Learn from Zappos

Zappos teaches employee engagement and culture building on its Zappos Insights website. Created to share Zappos culture and engagement philosophy and methods with others who are interested in how to create Zappos success in their own companies, Zappos Insights is loaded with employee engagement ideas others can use.

Visitors can find out about Zappos core values, how they built their culture, why they believe engagement is the most important factor in doing business, and participate in interactive learning. You can schedule a tour of the company, choosing from seven different tour experiences. They offer question and answer sessions and live training events and membership for Zappos Insights learning modules to learn about Zappos customer service, empowerment and engagement, leadership, and hiring and training. If you need employee engagement ideas, you’ll find a world of them with Zappos Insights.

Full Engagement at Quicken Loans

Take your cue from Quicken Loans when you need employee engagement ideas. Quicken Loans is committed to full engagement and has created a positive and enabling workplace to support high performance. Fortune Magazine has named the company as one of the “Best Companies to Work For” in America for 12 years in a row. Close to 100 percent of Quicken Loan’s employees feel good about the company’s efforts to support surrounding communities and are proud to work there. That might be a result of the “secret sauce” that goes into employee engagement ideas there.

The company lives by its list of “ISMs” that includes things like “do the right thing,” yes before no,” and “we are the ‘they’”. This list is full of employee engagement ideas for anyone looking for ways to improve the culture in their own company. Generous benefits include paid time off to volunteer, tuition assistance for full and part-time employees, and two weeks of vacation and 11paid holidays starting the first year of employment. Perks include things like “inviting lounges, slushie and popcorn machines, Foosball tables and Fathead graphics in the Scottsdale, Arizona location.

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Wegman’s Food Markets is serious about employee engagement. Their employees can reward each other with paid store gift cards as recognition for good service and they have so many referrals that many employees are related. CEO Danny Wegman personally welcomes new full-time employees to the company, and the turnover in this chain is much lower than typical retail operations. Part of Wegman’s focus on engagement comes from a commitment to values and culture, career development, and diversity.

The company is so committed to diversity that they include a diversity statement on their website. They state that they value a team that reflects the communities in which they do business, are committed to diversity hiring, and create diversity by supporting diversity in their culture and surrounding communities. Wegman’s calls co-workers “a second family,” reinforcing the warm and caring work environment that keeps their turnover so low.

When you need employee engagement ideas, look no further than the top companies who are earning awards and recognition for engagement and culture. Zappos, Quicken Loans, and Wegman’s are just three companies who put employee engagement at the top of the list for business operations and it show in their business success.

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