Executive Recruiting

Your company's top executives are critical to its success as key representatives in its planning, financial, communication and operational strategies. Having the right team in place ensures you take steps toward becoming the next well-respected global Fortune 100 company — or stay there.

However, challenges in executive recruitment remain. With notice periods already bordering on long, you want to avoid any unnecessary time-to-fill delays. Competition in the space is fierce, so you need a solution for attracting and identifying candidates who fit your culture and can contribute most to your goals. And you need to do it cost-effectively — a less-than-quality hire has hidden costs like more delays and recruiting expenses.

Fortunately, ContractRecruiter's proven flexible, scalable and affordable approaches offer a solution. We provide effective contract executive recruiting and sourcing services to augment your in-house team.

Work With an Executive Recruiter

Our managed recruiting solutions go beyond the norms of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) with high accountability and a dedication to understanding your unique organizational needs.

Our Fully Managed Contract Recruiting Services

Unlike traditional RPO, ContractRecruiter offers on-demand executive recruiting professionals with real-world experience in helping organizations of all sizes identify and hire top-quality executive talent. Work with a corporate recruiter or let us build you a complete team with researchers and sourcers — the choice is yours.

As part of our fully managed solution, our specialists work with potential hires to bolster your pipeline and create engaging candidate experiences from reach-out to hire.

Our Sourcing Services

It takes skill and finesse to create a pipeline, and our recruiters have both. When you want to reach passive candidates, our sourcing services are ideal. We've developed our proprietary four-step DELVR technique to build talent pools with messages that get responses, social media magic, customized experiences and candidate research.

Industry and Salary Data

ContractRecruiter has helped fill scores of executive roles for companies nationwide. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021 median salaries for some of the candidates we've helped secure include:

  • Financial managers at $131,710
  • Production managers at $103,150
  • Sales managers at $127,490
  • Marketing and advertising managers at $ 133,380

The Benefits of Teaming up With ContractRecruiter

ContractRecruiter is a true corporate partner who knows what successful recruiting comes down to — efficiently finding the missing puzzle piece for your organization. What sets us apart is our:

  • Value: We'll stay as long as you need us with no long-term contracts, and our services adjust to your company's hiring demands. Plus, we don't charge placement or conversion fees, making us even easier on tight budgets.
  • Quality: We know how and where to find the best candidates for you because we take the time to truly understand the role and your goals. That means we're uniquely qualified to target the talent fitting your brand culture and values.
  • Expertise: We know top-level administrators fill roles in numerous business types. We specialize in recruitment for multiple industries and have the sector-specific familiarity needed for success.

Let's Talk

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You can attract highly qualified candidates to your organization with the experienced professionals at ContractRecruiter. Our firm is more agile, responsive and easier to work with than standard RPOs, and we exceed industry standards for speed, cost and quality.

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