SourceCon is the recruiter’s conference, the place to go to hear about and see the latest in sourcing strategy, techniques, technologies, and experts. SourceCon 2014 was held in Atlanta, Georgia, sponsored by recruiting industry workhorses including JobVite, HiringSolved, SimplyHired, iCims, and Jibe. There were speakers from companies including PepsiCo, SearchEngineLand, and ADP. The agenda included keynote speakers, sourcing labs, and networking opportunities.

The Recruiting Division summarized SourceCon 2014 in “SourceCon 2014 – Candidate Sourcing & Recruiting Strategies” early in the year as an overview for those who couldn’t attend. We explained the value of such a focused gathering of sourcing information, veterans, and leadership. The working sessions were a much needed quick and concentrated shot of the latest sourcing thought leadership, technology, and techniques that the busiest recruiters need without going away for two weeks or sitting in an old-school classroom environment. The fast pace and quick format mirrored sourcing’s evolving nature and gave attendee a solid picture of sourcing in 2014.

SourceCon in Seattle

SourceCon 2015 is scheduled to take place in Seattle, Washington on March 24th and 25th at the Westin Seattle. The conference is sponsored by Dice, Glassdoor, Inc., HackerRank,, Cluen, Aurico, and Talemetry. The focus is FINDING TALENT, as it should be, to keep sourcers, recruiters, employers, staffing firms, and RPO firms on track and remind everyone that they are competing for the best candidates. For the kind of tough competition that faces recruiters today, SourceCon offers tools and strategies to find the best before the competition does.


At the 2015 SourceCon, you’ll be rubbing elbows with and listening to speakers heavily engaged in sourcing and recruiting such as PepsiCo Senior Talent Engagement Consultant KC Donovan, Aon Hewitt Global Sourcing Leader Jen Hinkle, LinkedIn Senior Hacker Matthew Shoupe, and Amazon Talent Acquisition Leader for Consumables Kelly Cartwright.

Expect to have opportunities to listen to other speakers from ERE Media, Monsanto, ExecuQuest Corporation, Social Talent, KForce, Madrona Venture Group, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Brandstorming, Social Engineer, Amplify Talent, The Novo Group, and hackathon.

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Conference Format

The conference format for 2015 in Seattle includes three breakout tracks: the Sourcing Lab, the Fundamentals track, and the Leadership track.

  • Sourcing Lab – learn new techniques from the experts, including the newest tools, tactics, and sourcing hacks, tools and techniques to build talent pipelines, leveraging talent intelligence tools (Big data? Social media mining?), candidate engagement building, and sourcing away from the computer.
  • The Fundamentals Track – for core sourcing fundamentals and skills building, social media sourcing, using creativity and logic in sourcing.
  •  The leadership Track – learn sourcing skills to get to the next level in your recruiting, including a sustainable sourcing model, utilizing a digital pipeline, flipping the process (Always-on recruiting?), and leadership think tank.

What to Expect
Expect a fully packed day starting at 7:30am on both conference days, including a networking breakfast, keynote presentation, closing session, and after party. Each day is broken up with several networking breaks between speakers and workshops.

Day 1
The first day’s keynote presentation is given by Social Talent CEO Jonathan Campbell discussing candidate engagement. He’ll discuss taking the average sourcing passive response rate of 20 percent up to 65 percent with big data, HR analytics, and smart research. The closing session by PepsiCo Senior Manager and Sourcing Lead Jim Schnyder is on rapid fire tips and tricks shared by attendees, followed by a networking reception, and then SourceCon After Dark networking and sourcing session and party.

Day 2
The second day’s keynote presentation is planned by Social-Engineer Chief Influencing Agent Michele Fincher. She’ll present “Tips from a White Hat Hacker: How to ‘Google Dork’ Your Targets.” Never heard of ‘Google Dork?’ There’s your reason to go to SourceCon 2015! Fincher is a cyber security and social engineering expert and she’ll discuss the techniques sourcers can use to identify more candidates online and find the valuable information you wish you had on your candidates. ERE Media Editor Jeremy Roberts closes the second day with the 2015 SourceCon Challenge Kickoff, revealing the first clue of the 2015 SourceCon Challenge.

SourceCon 2015 – see you there!

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