Does your LinkedIn strategy for recruiting candidates consist of searching target companies and sending one inmail after another?

Is your acceptance rate low and depressing? Do your job postings get lost in the now crowded LinkedIn space? Then you are not maximizing the features and benefits of LinkedIn for recruiting candidates!

LinkedIn is a fantastic tool with the ability to expand your network and hence cast the net wide and far for qualified candidates. But have you really spent much time using all of the features associated with LinkedIn? Here are some additional ideas for going beyond the basics of LinkedIn for recruiting candidates.

Join Groups – Don’t just join groups that are relevant to your interests. Join groups that are relevant to the interests of your TARGET candidate pool. For example, if you are looking for marketing professionals, join groups, which discuss problems, solutions, tips and new thoughts in the area of Marketing. The same is true for Finance professionals. If you’re looking for someone with a CPA background join a group of CPAs or Finance Professionals. For high tech, join engineering groups based upon the technology for which you’re recruiting.

Become a Thought Leader – Now that you’ve chosen groups that are of interest to your target candidate pool, it’s time to add value. When a member of the group presents a problem or question – answer it for them. This is assuming, of course, that you are somewhat of a subject matter expert. If you are not, you can utilize the power of the Internet to Google solutions or resources that would be helpful for your audience. Or you can enlist an expert in your company for advice and reference them. This shows that you and your company culture cultivate a collaborative environment.

Message Your Groups – LinkedIn allows you to send an unlimited number of messages to anyone that is also in one of your groups. But we warned – don’t just let them know when you have a specific need, or you will turn them off quickly. Instead use this unique venue to form relationships. Tell them when your company does something great. Create meaningful dialogue. Having trouble figuring out what to say? Pretend that you bumped into them at a friend’s party – how would you introduce yourself, and what type of small talk would you engage in?

Use Your Company Page – A somewhat new feature on LinkedIn, is the company page. This is similar to a Facebook business page whereby you control the content that represents your company. You will want to make sure that your company page is branded well and reflects your company culture. Encourage the members of your groups and other connections to “follow” your page. Be sure to post information about employment and the benefits so that potential candidates can read about it.

Post Regularly – Similar to posting status updates on Facebook or Twitter, your LinkedIn page can be used as a professional platform for showing your stuff. Links to articles, news, industry information and updates about your company are all great. Don’t just post jobs or a desperate plea for candidates to your network.

Once you have become more active, you can really experience how using LinkedIn for recruiting candidates can enhance and increase your candidate pool. Don’t just stick to the basics – get involved and you will see the difference!


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