How to Find and Fill Top Technical Talent

With an ever-growing gap in the technology job market, the need for candidates with technical skills for industries like engineering and information technology, far outweighs the supply. This poses no small challenge for hiring managers — 86 percent of whom say, in a recent survey, they struggle to find and hire technical talent. You want recruits who have that perfect blend of skill, experience and teachability, but where do you find them? And how do you ensure they see you as the right fit, too?

First, you need to understand the heart and soul of the industry you’re trying to appeal to. Who are these IT workers, and what drives them forward? What makes them tick? What will make them choose to work for your company over another? Here are some tips to help.

1. Understand What You’re Advertising

Before you can hire the right person for the job, you need to understand exactly what the position entails. This can be tricky for recruiters who have no technical background and don’t know what specific skills are needed for the role. If that’s you, don’t worry — that’s where we come in. ContractRecruiter has the unique claim of extensive experience in the world of technology and IT, and we’re here to make sure your company can discover and draw in the candidates you need.

2. Be Plugged In

Many workers currently in the tech industry are so-called passive candidates — while they may be open to switching jobs, they’re not actively searching for a new employer. It’s up to you to draw them in. One of the most effective ways to do this is through networking. Get plugged into the tech scene in your area through workshops, conferences or social events. Offer and facilitate these experiences for your tech talent, too. You’ll not only be gaining more exposure to potential candidates. You’ll also foster a dynamic and engaging atmosphere for current employees as well.

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3. Keep It Fresh

In today’s tech-savvy world, there’s no shortage of tools, toys and tricks in the industry. Stay relevant with up-to-date gadgets and technology. For IT especially, knowing what coding languages and programs that companies are looking for, and how to really know if someone has the skills they say they do is critical in IT recruiting. Don’t forget to check forums and sites like StackOverflow and other crowdsourced information sites, it’s a great way to see where technology is headed but could also help you find a great potential candidate as well. 

4. Provide Room for Growth

The nature of the technical talent deficit means top candidates can have their pick of the litter. If you want to attract — and keep — talent, make sure there’s potential for growth in your company. Fine-tune a promotion path and make it accessible and achievable. Provide milestones and checkmarks that your employees can work toward. Encourage them to pursue their interests and try their hands at different elements of their role. Create a program to reward learning new coding and technical skills or certifications. 

5. Offer a Competitive Salary

Of course, if you’re looking to attract top talent, salaries have to play a role. Weighing among the most important factors candidates rank in their job choice, it’s crucial to offer a salary that’s competitive with the industry. However, make sure your HR, recruiting and IT leaders are all on the same page about pay grades before promising certain salaries to potential employees. Otherwise, different numbers could result in frustration for your candidate.

We Can Help You Find the Quality Candidates You Need

When you need to recruit tech talent for your company, you need a firm that specializes in technical recruiting. At ContractRecruiter, we have extensive experience and know how to source the candidate with the right skills for IT and Engineering positions. We can help you find the talent you need to keep your business going. Get in touch with us today.

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