SAN-FRANCISCO-CA--MAY---A-20435645-resized-600Your days are spent on the phone, in email, on your website, in video conferencing, meeting with your assistant, your associates, your clients, and candidates. And now you are going to add social media management to the mix because you need a new sourcing strategy. Are you CRAZY? Are you a time management ninja? Do you have a psychic connection to an evil twin that does your bidding so you can get everything done? Or do you just work from sun up to sun down six days a week and sleep all day Sunday?

If it seems like an impossible dream to immerse yourself in social media for business, don’t worry. You don’t have to do that to benefit from the creative sourcing strategy that you can develop in social media. Just start with Twitter and a plan.

Twitter School for Twits

Ok, admit it. You’re a Twitter twit. Social media scares you and you don’t totally understand it. Buck up, face your fears, and tackle it. Until you do, you won’t get the benefits of the fastest growing online phenomenon, and you can’t compete with those who are using it for their sourcing strategy, the same people who want the very same passive candidates that you are trying to woo.

Get on over to Twitter’s resources and read everything, no, devour everything. Really want to put in place an effective passive candidate sourcing strategy? Then be a Twitter nerd for a week and live and breathe to read about Twitter marketing, ads, tools, success stories, creative staffing solutions, and anything else there is for you to read about Twitter on the internet and in books. But only read books about Twitter written recently, nothing from 2009 or earlier. Books like “Utlimate Guide to Twitter for Business” by Ted Prodromou, or “The Tao of Twitter” by Mark Schaefer and “Twitter Business Basics” by Lewis Love and Jade Matthews.

Think of it as Twitter school, from which you will soon graduate with a good understanding of how to incorporate Twitter into your passive candidate sourcing strategy.

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Twitter Apps for Recruiters

Did you think Twitter was just for celebrities or fans of celebrities? Heard a lot about Twitter fights and faux pas? Don’t think you have the time or imagination to use Twitter in as part of your creative staffing solutions for sourcing and recruiting? Luckily, you don’t have to be a genius to avoid Twitter pitfalls or keep up with resourcing and recruiting Tweeting. There are plenty of handy-dandy apps out there to help you use Twitter.

Check out these Twitter apps for recruiters:

  • • TwitJobSearch – TwitJobSearch is a really simple app to use for your sourcing strategy and it’s free. It’s a search engine for jobs. Use it to add your jobs to their search engine for candidates to find, get an XML file of tweeted jobs, or tweet your job.
  • TweetMyJobs – TweetMyJobs has a free option and an enterprise option. Post up to 25 jobs per year for free, sending them out to Facebook and Twitter. Get your own branded Twitter channel with the enterprise option if you know you’ll have more than 25 jobs.
  • Bullhorn Reach – Use Bullhorn Reach as part of your passive candidate sourcing strategy to send job posts out to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, SimplyHired and other leading job boards. Automatically re-post as long as you want. Bullhorn Reach sends you matches for your openings and can alert you when connections in your network look for jobs. Use Bullhorn Reach for marketing too, by posting your best content.

How Else Can Recruiters Use Twitter?

Twitter’s good for more than just tweeting your job posts. It should be part of your creative sourcing strategy bag of tricks. It’s a great way to keep an ear to the ground to know what your competitors are up to and find out what the industry’s buzzing about. Put ten minutes on your weekly schedule to jump on Twitter and check out your top three competitors to see what they’re tweeting about. Enter industry keywords to “listen” to what people are talking about in the recruiting industry or your niche. Get market intelligence, ideas, and insights into the things you work on every day. Your competitors are most definitely incorporating Twitter into their passive candidate sourcing strategy, so come on in and join the party.

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