How to Recruit in 2019: 6 Tips for Employers

The process of recruiting new employees has changed a lot over the years. Learn how to recruit talent for your business here.

It costs companies over $4,100, on average, to hire a new employee. That’s obviously no small sum of money, which makes every new starter a definite investment.

Like any investment, the only way to justify the expense is for it to provide an adequate rate of return. The simple conclusion is this: the average business can’t afford to make bad hires. New employees that fail to deliver, or are quick to quit, amount to money down the drain.

All things considered, employers are under heavy pressure to know how to recruit quality candidates. Fail, and there can be significant financial and practical repercussions down the line.

Creating a well-honed recruitment strategy is key to success. Looking for advice on how to do it?

Read on to discover six top recruitment tips for 2019.

1. Leverage Candidate Referrals

Don’t forget that the best recruitment tools at your disposal may already be at your fingertips. Know who we’re talking about? That’s right: your current employees. Talented people in a particular field often know and/or interact with similarly gifted individuals.

The best businesses know and leverage that fact by establishing an employee referral program. Actively incentivize candidate referrals to new job openings.

Employees might have first-hand knowledge of top candidates looking for a new challenge. If they’re happy working for your business, then they’ll probably be happy to recommend it to a friend.

2. Create a Quality Candidate Experience

This tip’s nothing new, but it remains vital to all of your recruitment efforts. Strive to provide the best candidate experience possible. It’s about cultivating a positive reputation.  Remember, you want to attract quality talent!

That’s far harder if you’re preceded by an awful reputation. What’s more, current employees are unlikely to refer friends to job openings if they catch wind of their bad experience.

By contrast, you send all the right messages about your business by providing a faultless candidate experience. Prioritize accuracy in adverts, punctuality in interviews, and a kind, respectful and warm environment.

This post will help you assess your current candidate experience.

3. Seek In-House Support

This tip has multiple facets.

Essentially, consider getting help from other teams to facilitate the hiring process. One example of this would be soliciting people to run initial screenings.

As you know, effective hiring requires honing down a large number of potential candidates to a select few. Depending on the number of initial applications, this can be a long and arduous process.

You could cut that time down by asking other teams (such as customer service reps) to help. Similarly, think about taking a team-based approach to interviews. Everyone suffers from a bad hire; their impact can be insidious, impacting everybody in the business.

Collaborative hiring means involving multiple people (with different roles and from different departments) and giving everyone a say. The chance of making a quality hire increases as a result.

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4. Search In The Right Places

Here’s a rule of thumb that every recruiter should remember:

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Different people in different places search for jobs differently. Imagine opening up a second branch of your business in a new location. Hiring for your first branch went smoothly. You had tons of quality candidates apply to the jobs you advertised. Now, for your new branch, you just rinse and repeat the process, right?


A candidate pool in Location A won’t (necessarily) search for jobs in the same places as those in Location B. They may use wholly different job-searching apps and websites. The job boards you used before could be entirely irrelevant. Resting on your laurels is a recipe for wasting resources.

It’s up to you to work out where the talent is. Ask around and speak with other industry professionals to learn where to direct your recruiting focus.

5. Be Actively Outbound

Your business wants and needs the best talent out there. That makes skilled, experienced, and committed candidates a valued commodity.

By their very nature, these candidates are highly sought after. Chances are high that they have multiple offers already. They’re probably already working in a well-paid, quality position. They may not even be looking to change jobs.

That’s why it’s up to you to be proactive in your outbound recruitment. In other words: get head-hunting. Don’t assume that quality candidates will just fall into your lap.

Instead, keep your ears close to the ground, do your own research, reach out to people of interest, and go to networking events. Oh, and when you do reach out to people, don’t take a cookie-cutter approach. Make sure your messages are personalized and unique. It shows you value them as a person, which makes your business instantly more appealing.

6. Culture Fit Isn't Everything

The idea of cultural fit in recruiting has been around forever.

It’s the classic advice to hire somebody who fits the vibe of your business. They’re the candidates who understand the vision and have a personality and outlook that matches it. Finding these candidates can indeed be helpful. They work harder, fit in and tend to be natural team players.

Nonetheless, restricting your business to these people is tantamount to deleting Facebook friends who disagree with your posts. You get stuck in an echo-chamber. Sometimes, words of dissent and novel ideas are what a business needs to thrive. The same ideas and nodding-heads are less likely to foster innovation.

Strike a balance. These days, the best candidates ‘get it’, but have novel perspectives too.

Here’s more on this idea from Harvard Business Review.

Final Thoughts on How to Recruit Top Talent in 2019

There you have it: 6 key tips explaining how to recruit top candidates in 2019. Hiring new candidates is an expensive process. With each new employee representing a cost of multiple thousands of dollars, it’s vital that recruiters do a good job.

Of course, that’s far easier said than done. Without staying on top of current recruiting trends, employers face an uphill struggle. Hopefully, this post has highlighted a selection of novel insights to facilitate your hiring endeavors.

Are you looking to work with expert recruiters to take the stress out of the process? We can help. Contact us today to learn more.

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