When is it time to consider recruitment process outsourcing? How about this – your company is taking off, with large new customers and profitable new products. Your employees are happy and productive. You have a great strategic plan that everyone is invested in and it’s on track. Soon, you’ll need to start hiring more employees. You doubt your overburdened HR department will be able to source, recruit, and hire the top talent you’ll need. You probably need to find some top HR talent to help you build your company and get it to the next level. But most of your profits still have to go back into the business and you don’t want to take on more debt to add overhead.

This is just one business scenario that is a perfect recipe for recruitment process outsourcing. There are many business scenarios and problems for which RPO provides better results at lower costs and in less time than internal recruiting processes. How will you know when it’s time for RPO?

How You’ll Know

You’ll know it’s time to seriously consider recruitment process outsourcing when:

  • Your job advertising costs more than the salary for the open position.
  • Your recruiters bring toothbrushes, pillows, and their favorite blankets to the office.
  • The recruiter from the staffing firm that you have been using takes you to lunch in his Ferrari, complements of all of the placement fees that you have been showering him with.
  • Your IT manager keeps recommending an applicant tracking system that costs more than the new loading dock you just added to the warehouse.

How to Decide

How can you decide if recruitment process outsourcing is right for your company? If you are having issues with speed, cost, or quality, then you should consider recruitment process outsourcing.

To help you decide if recruitment process outsourcing is right for your company and your current business situation, you’ll need to analyze a few things:

  • Evaluate your recruiting needs so you know exactly what results you want from recruiting in the next six months, twelve months, eighteen months, and two years.
  • Evaluate your current human resources staff’s capacity for the recruiting you need. Are they unable to do any recruiting, could they do the hiring if an RPO firm did the candidate sourcing, do they need someone to provide advanced staffing support such as interview coordination, candidate management, and reference checking?
  • Meet with a few top recruitment process outsourcing firms to discuss your needs and their services and ask for recommendations and proposals. Compare costs and services of the RPO providers you talk to, and talk to their references, ideally other companies like yours.

What to Expect from RPO

Recruitment process outsourcing provides benefits over internal recruiting processes in the areas of time, cost, quality, and services. A recruitment process outsourcing provider will give you access to more quality candidates, cost less than one or more full time internal recruiters, and save money in other ways such as shortening your time to hire and freeing your human resources staff to focus on core issues such as orientation, training, compliance, and employee development.

Other major benefits of working with a recruitment process outsourcing provider include resources such as recruiting technology including advanced applicant tracking systems, LinkedIn Recruiter accounts, social media proficiency, and experience with and resources for direct recruiting of passive candidates.

If you are not satisfied with your current recruiting capabilities, have been told by business consultants that you need to add quality staff quickly to meet business objectives, or just can’t keep up with your companies vacant positions and newly created positions, it’s time to take a look at recruitment process outsourcing.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Demystified

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