♪ Let’s talk about jobs, baby

Let’s talk about you and me

Let’s talk about all the good things ♫

And the bad things job can be

Let’s talk about jobs (or just job boards) ♪

Ah, the 90s, great music, the birth of job boards, big hair, and… oh, but I digress. Job boards elicit a range of emotions in many people, job seekers, employers, recruiters, and staffing services alike. If you asked the average person on the street what comes to mind when you say job board, what kind of responses do you think you’d get?

Stopping thirty-something woman with dark hair, business casual attire, carrying a venti Starbucks coffee:

“Excuse me, miss. Do you have a minute to tell me what you think about job boards?” (holding a wireless mic in front of her face)

“What? Job boards? You mean like Monster and stuff?”

“Yeah, that’s right. Is that what comes to mind when somebody on the street approaches you and says ‘job boards’?”

“Sure, I guess. I mean, I’ve been out of work for 3 years, but get contract jobs from recruiters. I have my resume on Monster and CareerBuilder, but I haven’t gotten any interviews or anything for awhile. I actually get a lot of job notices from Bright and a few other job search agents. I don’t really go to the job boards very much.”


Turning to a guy passing on the sidewalk:

“Excuse me. Could I talk to you about job boards?”

“Job boards? What about them?”

“What comes to mind when somebody says ‘job boards’? Do you use job boards or recruiters, or your own network, to find jobs?”

“Um, job boards? I don’t really use job boards or recruiters. I got my first job right after graduating from college, through the school’s career counseling events. Then I got a job when a friend told me about his company needing Java programmers. I’ve heard of IT job boards and the job boards like CareerBuilder, but never used them.”

Running after a corporate type in a business suit carrying a brief case:

Browse eBooks

“Sir, sir, pardon me. Could I talk to you about job boards?”

“I’m on my way to a meeting. Make it quick.”

“Um, yes, ok, thanks. Do you post job openings on online job boards?”

“Our recruiters use job boards. We use a range of job boards for our online recruiting presence and employer brand, integrated with our social media profiles. You have to do that to have access to top candidates. Look, I have to go.”

Job Boards are Dead – Or Are They?

A Google search on “are job boards dead” brings up posts that ponder this exact question.

• “Are Job Boards Still Relevant for the Future of Recruiting?” (Relevant. Ooh fancy/schmancy.)

• “Job boards are dead: a handy guide to a special sub-genre of recruiting articles” (This pokes fun at perennial “job boards are dead/the sky is falling” type content, a clue to the state of job board deadness or aliveness.)

• “Job Boards are Down But Not Out” (Down but not out? That seems to mean not dead but possibly on the way to dead.)

• “My Bold Prediction for 2013: Job Boards Will LIVE” (Are they on life support or something? In a coma? In critical condition?)

• “Job Boards: Dead, Alive, or Obsolete?” (Obsolete. Another fancy/schmancy word in the deadness debate.)

• “Ding Dong, the Job Boards are Dead (Again)” (Another one that pokes fun at the “job boards are dead” content out there.)

• “5 Reasons Why Job Postings Are Dead” (Now they are reasoning about it, trying to bring logic and facts into it. Could work…)

• “Alive and Kicking: Job Boards are Not Dead”

Ok, which is it, are they dead or are they alive? Not sure if you can tell after this Google search, but if you want to know, just take a look at the sheer number and variety of job boards out there. That might answer this question.


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