culture-fit-videoBy 2019, video will drive the majority of global Internet traffic according to Cisco, making it the most important way to improve your recruiting messaging in 2016.

Two ContractRecruiter posts that discuss video interviewing include, “Wildly Effective Video Recruitment Solutions” and “Video Interviewing is a No-Brainer for Recruitment“. But video interviews aren’t the only way to use video in recruiting. Video is a highly engaging and effective way to improve your recruiting messaging.

There are almost endless ways to use video in recruiting messaging. You can easily do something like the Deloitte Film Festival, collecting and promoting videos your employees make about their work experience.

Recruiters have the power to connect with high-value candidates as close as the smart phone in their hands. They can shoot personalized videos discussing the position and promoting the company targeting a candidate’s interests and abilities.

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Enhance Job Descriptions

HR staff and hiring managers can bring the job description to life with video, ditching the bullet points and essential functions to sell their openings with quick video vignettes of top performers, experienced managers, and work environments.

If you do only one thing in 2016 to improve recruiting in your company, incorporate video into your recruiting messaging. If you need further convincing about using video in your recruiting process, look no further than Facebook Live Stream. Just think about your recruiters, HR staff, or hiring managers live streaming announcements of open positions on your company’s Facebook page. That kind of quick, easy, free engagement is where recruiting and video will merge and explode in 2016.

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