Over the next few years, the most vital partnerships your IT business can invest in is with virtual recruiters and staffing agencies. Why? Your company growth can be supported by strategic staffing campaigns that an outsourced recruitment provider can manage better than your in-house resources.

Will there be more jobs in IT?

The time to get ready for this is now. Economists are projecting that while the economy is on the sluggish side of things now, in the coming months the competition is going to become fierce for high quality staff in many high growth industries, including Information Technology. The United States Department of Labor and Statistics, advises in their Employment Projections 2012-2020 that Information and Data services are in the top 10 careers that are projected to have above average growth until 2020, adding more than 2 million more jobs.

Where are the IT Jobs?

In a recent IT career market survey conducted by DICE, a poll of over 15,000 IT professionals were asked where the best jobs were, and how hopeful their outlook is for 2013, the results of the survey indicated that a vast majority of new jobs are being created by small to mid-size companies. The above map shows where the most IT jobs are projected to be.

What choices in IT staffing and recruitment do I have?

Every business will need to have a team of information technology specialists on board to support the increased reliance on technology in business. Therefore, it’s important to have a recruitment strategy in place to attract the best IT professionals to work for you. What are the options in IT recruitment?

You may decide to try to handle IT recruiting on your own. If you have a background in this, you will know that it’s nearly impossible to manage on-going recruiting when you are already stretched for time in human resources. Yet, the demand for skilled IT staffers who have updated skills and the ability to create efficient and innovative processes for your organization are priority. That’s when you know you need outside help from a technical staffing and recruitment service.

Here are your IT recruitment choices:

Work with an IT staffing agency to place candidates into temporary to permanent assignments. You may be on a tight project schedule; therefore you cannot always guarantee that the people who come on board are the best. This is using a “warm body” approach. While there are some advantages, such as turnaround to placement time, this is generally only good for entry level IT assignments. You need recruitment process outsourcing to attract better IT specialists.

Among the most economical of all the virtual recruitment solutions is the fixed-cost recruitment agency. The advantages are many, including the ability to receive high quality candidates from a network of the best career websites, talent pools and social recruitment tools than by hiring a single recruiter to work in-house. You’ll also have ongoing support for resume screening, background checks, and candidate assessment, which shaves off many work hours having to put candidates through these necessary administrative tasks. There are no cost surprises or long-term contracts to sign; what you pay for is what you can expect to receive. The results are high quality candidates ready to go to work for your business.

Maintaining a great workforce starts with making a plan to include on demand IT recruitment services as part of the picture. Your business will benefit in many ways, and you’ll have a long term partner in the war for talent as the IT market continues to heat up.


Image Credit: Dice

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