When it comes to IT staffing, there are some challenges with getting contingent recruiters to fill job orders at times. This is especially an issue with difficult to source assignments that require specialized IT skills and credentials.

Why is this a common problem when working with a contingency recruitment process?

The answer lies in the way that a vast majority of contingency recruitment firms go about their business. First, it’s important to understand that many recruiters are in it for their own financial gain. While, ultimately, they do care about their clients’ success, they also need to maximize time spent on sourcing, screening, and selecting candidates suitable for each assignment. After all, just like any venture, recruiting is a for-profit business.

3 Reasons Contingency IT Staffing Solutions Fail Sometimes

A difficult to fill assignment is not viewed as desirable by some recruiters for a variety of reasons. Let’s take a look at the three biggest reasons why some IT contingency recruiters may not fill your hard-to-fill orders.

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  1. Difficult orders take more resources and time to fill than standard assignments due to the complexity of sourcing and verifying information, a process that can take weeks instead of days. This makes returns a lot lower than in quick placements.
  2. Clients who are particular about the candidates they will accept or those who have a high turnover rate often require more ongoing support from a recruiter. This can be undesirable for a contingency recruiter who earns primarily via hired candidates, not meetings.
  3. A position that is difficult to fill may cause an IT contingency recruiter to have to reach out to others in his or her network in a split placement arrangement, which cuts into the recruiter’s earnings.

Many times, an IT contingency recruiter simply doesn’t want to deal with the hassles of difficult to fill assignments, therefore will put other less challenging placements in front. This can be a frustrating prospect for any business trying to stay ahead of their competitors with top-level candidates.

Better IT Staffing Solutions from ContractRecruiter

If your business is encountering issues with your present IT contingency recruiters, particularly when it comes to difficult to fill assignments, perhaps it’s time to try a different kind of recruitment agency. ContractRecruiter is a  unique recruiting agency, staffed by seasoned pros who can handle even hard-to-fill assignments on a contract basis. They won’t put your business on the backburner.

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