jobviteJobvite is applicant software for recruitment and hiring with social sharing to easily bump out your recruiting process into social media. If you need to ramp up your hiring as soon as possible to put together high performing teams, Jobvite helps quickly transform your recruiting process with collaborative social tools.


In the Beginning

Jobvite was founded in 2003 in San Mateo, California by Jesper Schultz, an electrical engineer, and Hans Larsen, a software engineer/architect. The company has gone through several rounds of funding as it’s evolved its products. Competitors include COMPAS Technology, Lever, Jobool, softgarden, Taleo, VidCruiter, Sortbox, ZipRecruiter, and Workable, web-based and cloud-based recruiting solutions providers.


Transform Your Recruiting

Jobvite transforms the recruiting process from something done by one person in a recruiting role into a collaborative hiring process. “Jobvites” are invitations to prospective candidates urging them to apply by anyone on the recruiting team. When a response to a Jobvite comes in to a company using Jobvite’s collaborative recruiting software, everyone on the team can easily see the status of the candidate, from initial contact through the reference check. Any team member can take action in the process, including submitting the candidate to a hiring manager for recommendation and review.

Jobvite’s applicant tracking software makes it easy to manage any aspect of the hiring process. Move applicants from one position to another, send candidate’s emails from within Jobvite, schedule interviews, add notes to applicant files for future review, and store candidates in Jobvite instead of filling up individual email inboxes with candidate correspondence. All incoming potential employees come in to Jobvite through sources like job boards, company website, and personal recommendations, to more easily and centrally manage the recruiting process and applicant information.


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Jump Into Social Recruiting

With Jobvite, you don’t have to figure out how to manage business social media and recruiting as separate processes because the software blends them seamlessly to use together. Jobvite makes social sharing an integral part of your recruiting process. The platform makes it easy for everyone involved in recruiting to share job postings on their personal social media accounts, manually or automatically share job postings to their networks, and track referral sources for candidates. Trace your successful hires from initial contact through hire to keep duplicating best practices in your recruiting. The Refer feature lets anyone refer candidates to the company


Candidates Don’t Fall Through Any Cracks

Jobvite makes it extremely easy to keep track of applicants at every step in the recruiting process. And you’ll never come across as rude or uncaring again with Jobvite’s Engage feature and automated and customized messages that make it easy to get back to applicants. Keep candidates updated when you receive their resume or when you want to schedule an interview and let candidates know you are keeping in contact with them. Show them that you care about them in the recruiting process with Jobvite’s easy contact management feature. With Jobvite Video, setup up video interviewing at the touch of a button without all the hassle and expense of coordinating schedules for face-to-face interviews, and share video interviews with multiple hiring managers and recruiting associates.

A successful hiring process is a competitive advantage in today’s challenging recruiting environment. Jobvite’s application tracking software helps you level up quickly and easily whether you have a large or small company, and push your recruiting process out across the organization. Streamlining recruiting processes and cross-company collaboration is easier with an advanced applicant tracking system like JobVite.

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